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Female Thai Boxing

Metamorphosis of Thai Boxing

During its development, which goes back thousands of years, Muaythai has undergone many changes. The fight could only end in case of death of one of the contenders until 1929, when it was introduced a rule victory by points. Over time were excluded and blows to the head, strangulation, blows to the groin, the rule “lying is not beaten”. Round time limited to 3 minutes, the whole fight was 5 rounds. In addition, the fight is now calculated in hours instead of floating coconut, as it was previously (when the coconut was drowning, drum fighters notify about the end of the round). Plot of land for fights was substituted for the ring, and all the

fighters now are classified according to eight weight categories.

The most important change that has undergone a martial art – the participation of women. Traditionally, the Muaythai was forbidden to all women, and their presence in the ring was considered a bad omen. Thai Boxing for women remained banned for quite a long time, the first attempts of its promotion was not successful, and only in the 1990s its popularity began to grow rapidly, mainly outside Thailand. Today there are regional, national and international competitions on Thai Boxing among women, so there is no doubt that female Thai Boxing exists.

Of course, the appearance of the female species of the Muaythai made some adjustments to the technique and the rules of combat:

The length of one round is 2 minutes.

Instead one minute rest between rounds posited two women.

Thai Boxing for women involves gentle exercises based on their physical capabilities.

Female Thai Boxing

Unlike Tae Bo, which is a fitness program, Muay Thai is a martial art. Intensive program impact at the initial stage, and during the first classes, the majority is unable to complete the workout. However, over time the body gets used to the load and is able to withstand a long workout. The result of training is not only a toned body and increased stamina, but also an Arsenal of effective techniques of self-defense. Useful Thai Boxing for girls and body correction, because the intensity of exercise helps burn calories.

On the first class, the coach will introduce the participants with the basic stroke types, which are then processed individually to perfection. Sparring, or working in pairs, begins only after all movements, while each of the participants sparring is a partner, not an adversary, because the goal of training is improvement of strokes, not the battle.

Great attention to Thai box on the following aspects:

Breath. From the first training Muaythai learn to breathe correctly: during the shot required a sharp exhalation, which prevents the knockout. It is for this reason Thai Boxing, along with intensive physical exercises, meditation exercises are used, as well as static techniques, during which the participants of the training learn to control your breathing.

The level of General physical preparation. This level increases with restorative exercises that prepare the fighter to severe loads during fights. The main methods of enhancing the level OFP – swimming, running, push-UPS and pull-UPS that strengthen your body, improve heart and lungs develop.

The level of special physical preparation. Methods of increasing TFP aims to shock hardening of body parts: legs, shoulders, body. During the special exercises the muscles of the shock troops gradually become less susceptible to shocks. Thai Boxing for women offers to improve and special physical preparation, however, it is designed primarily for future fighters of the competition, and therefore can be omitted in the women’s groups in programmes aimed at improving posture and strengthening the muscles of the body.

Injuries in Muay Thai

As in any sport, there is a risk of injury during training and Thai Boxing. The most common injuries in this kind of martial arts are:

soft tissue damage. These include bruises that appear mainly on the legs and body, as well as scratches and cuts that are formed after the clinch. Banned in many kinds of martial arts, clinch, or capture the enemy with the fixation of his hands, still used in Thai Boxing.

injuries to the head. A common consequence of Muay Thai not only professionals but also Amateurs.

Statistics of trauma still seems quite comforting. Only 13% beginners get injured, 2.5% of injured among fans, and 3% among professionals. Besides, the result of training to meet the expectations of girls concerning the improvement of the figure.