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Walking and calories

Walking and calorie — Hiking and weight loss

Do not forget about the fitness exercise, like walking, and calories will be burned with pleasure and health benefits.

More move is one of the main conditions for weight loss. Physical activity helps the body to expend more energy than it receives. A good way to burn extra calories is to walk.

Walking is a natural way of human movement. Depending on your lifestyle and the type of activity people are, on average, from 1 to 10 km per day.

However, for Hiking and contributed to weight loss, it is important to know where, if and how much to walk.

Where to go pesicka slimming

A walk in the Park or in the normal movement from home to work or to shop, of course, burn a certain amount of energy. However, during this walk, you spend much less calories than, for example, when you go uphill, upstairs or even on the sand at the beach.

In particular, slow walking in an hour burns 169-200 calories, and at a fast pace – up to 300 calories. If you walk along the sandy road at a speed of 80 m / minute, then spend near 450 calories. Walk at a brisk pace in an uncomfortable way with pits and mounds will help burn 445-525 calories per hour of walking. Walking up the stairs burns from 540 to 740 calories per hour. These figures are shown on the example of a person with average weight. However, the greater the weight, the higher the cost of energy.

To increase the amount burned during walking calories, you can use the weights for arms and legs.

What is the walk helps to dry

Hiking for weight loss is better to make in comfortable shoes (sneakers with good cushioning) and loose clothing for the weather. So while walking calories spent if possible, walk at a fast pace. However, you should not just “include”. Try to pass the first mile in 10 minutes. During this time the speed will gradually increase.

Steps should not be very long, but not short. Keep head and back straight and look forward. Shoulders straighten and lower down, as the stomach and buttocks must be involved. Help yourself with the hands: bend them at the elbow and make a motion to the beat. To increase the consumption of calories when walking and not to overload the ridge, first step on the heel and then toe.

If to understand that we are moving at the right pace? Pay attention to your breathing: you should be able to speak, but for singing breathing already not quite. By the way, talking while walking for weight loss is not worth it. Better rhythmic breathing through the nose, coordinating the breath with the rhythm of the movement. With increasing load must be strong shortness of breath. If you go to the place where the atmosphere is contaminated . and also involved in strong winds or frost – breathe in through the nose and out through your mouth through every 3-4 steps. If the atmosphere is clean, with the rapid pace breathe simult/variable item the nose and mouth.

Drink water before and after the walk (one glass), and also little by little every 20 minutes at the time of exercise.

5 minutes before the end of classes, go to the late step. It normalizes the heartbeat, will help to subside and prevent muscle soreness. It is recommended to finish the walk stretching exercises.

Walking for weight loss useful at any time, but especially in the morning. It was at this time of day fat reserves spent most intensively. Start exercise after a light Breakfast. If you are in the evening, better to do it not earlier than through 2 hours after eating, but no later than 1-2 hours before bedtime.

How long should I walk to lose weight

For health and weight loss doctors recommend daily flow of at least 10 thousand steps. It is approximately 6-8 km away and need to Walk every day, if the minimum period of 30-60 minutes, depending on your body and health.

We offer you all of the best options class schedules:

2 times a week for at least 30 minutes

2 times a week if at least 45 minutes

1-3 times a week for at least 1 hour walking

The walk – not just weight loss