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Water for weight loss

Water for weight loss

Refer to the ancient teachings that came to us from India, to yoga. This doctrine became the basis for many methods of promoting water as a means for weight loss.

What is the use of water? Yogis believe that the water is able to maintain health or to return them after a long illness. The lack of water in the body provokes the emergence of many diseases. In the dehydration of all the major systems of the body are not working as hard. Insufficient amount of gastric juice causes a problem with digestion, which is the cause of

many diseases of the digestive system and metabolism. Untimely removal of decay products is due to lack of water in the body, this in turn provokes the disease of the urinary system. The concentration of salts in the body increase, putting off in kidneys, gall bladder and joints.

Water is a solvent, not only nutrients, but also the toxins that enter the body from the outside or generated as a result of metabolism. When dehydrated, the blood can not fully perform the function of detoxification. So, there is a constant poisoning of the body.

Water is involved in the breakdown and utilization of fats. The required amount of water does not allow to be deposited to the excess fat, turning into the proverbial fat. And adjusted with water metabolism will help to get rid of existing fatty layers. Why water is so important for weight loss .

To drink water yoga recommend a clean, ideally spring water, not boiled, which is considered dead, and therefore useless to the body of water. Spring water can replace mineral water, which has the same useful properties. For example, Lysogorskaya promotes the release of bile and thus, when used fats quickly processed and not fine on our waist and hips. Any chosen generalmanagement water beneficial for the body, and therefore weight loss.

In the teaching of yoga clearly spelled out how much you need to drink water. 8-12 glasses a day is a daily norm of water which the body requires to work effectively. This figure is controversial among modern physiologists. They argue that this rule is designed for hot Indian residents. But in the teaching of yoga is clearly stated that the rate of water depends on climatic conditions of residence, and from the volume of the liquid environment of the body, the area of internal organs and the skin. Of course, in summer, people increasingly thirsty due to elevated temperature, but in winter man creates around himself a hot climate, so as to reduce the amount of water you drink less than 8 glasses is not recommended. Especially if you are going with water to obtain results in losing weight.

Water for weight loss . you drink should be warm. Start with 3 glasses a day and gradually increase the rate to 10 glasses. Drink water in small portions, making between them a break in 20 minutes. You have an hour to drink a glass of water, it can serve as a guide for you. In yoga there is such a thing as “on-duty glass, which must always stand by you. Do not rush to swallow the water, hold her for a bit in your mouth and let it mix with your saliva, feel it refreshes, and only then swallow. This rule will allow you to cope with excess weight, drinking water thus creates the illusion of fullness, and you miss a snack, without which previously could not do.

But the food is strictly forbidden to use the water. Yoga is motivated by the fact that with food, you will not notice the saturation and eat more than you should. According to the method of yoga food should be chewed to a pulp, mixed with saliva. And drinking with meals water will not let you do that. To stop the intake of water is necessary for half an hour before eating. You will prepare the stomach for food, and to the concentration of saliva and gastric juice. When it is possible again to start drinking, depends on what you ate. The presence of protein and starch requires a break until 3 o’clock, and after taking enough vegetables and fruits to wait half an hour. That is why yoga is recommended to use only once a day protein foods. And if you decide to drink water for weight loss, prefer vegetables and fruits.

The benefits of fasting. The teaching of yoga also promotes fast on the water. But definitely puts one condition. To starve only those that have fully mastered the technique 10 glasses. Otherwise, instead of the expected benefits you will poison the body decay products that must be excreted from the body of water through the kidneys and skin.

All of the above rules can be the basis, if you are going to summon water for weight loss. The technique of yoga recognizes only pure water. No newfangled receptivity with honey, water mint, water skarica and especially water with vinegar are not perceived by yogis seriously. They justify this by the fact that their methodology is tested for centuries, and the popularity of modern diets based on reviews about them. Perhaps they are able to help in a particular case, but may subsequently have a negative impact on human health.