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Time fitness morning or evening

Time fitness: morning or evening?

For anybody not a secret that to maintain the tone and slim figure need exercise. But in the fast pace of a big city is often not enough time for training, so the woman has to combine sports with work or school. And many have a question: when is better to do in the morning or evening? And which is more efficient for intensive weight loss?

Some experts believe that only morning exercise is able to burn more calories, others on the contrary, it is recommended to exercise in the evening. In any case, choosing the time for training, you must follow

these three rules:

Mode and schedule.

You can talk about useful exercising, but if a person needs to 8.00 o’clock in the morning to be at work, then it will likely be to do sports in the evening. And in this case it will be absolutely right. Better to practice regularly at a convenient time rather than wait for a “proper hours”. Otherwise, You just may leave your precious body without exercise.

Personal comfort.

Someone easier to get up early for a couple of hours, someone to go to bed later. It all depends on the work of the adrenal glands, which produce in the blood of many hormones, few, and identifies types of people: “owls”, “larks” and “doves”. This should be considered when choosing the time for training.

The advice of experts.

Studies show that a morning and evening workouts have their pros and cons. Therefore, it is possible to give preference to the fact that You no longer fit all the criteria.

So, consider all the pros and cons of morning and evening workouts:

Morning workout

Plus. Decreased appetite.

Research has shown that Jogging and other physical activities with low intensity produce hormones that discourages overeating and cococnut” throughout the day. But this applies only to fans of the short run (30-50 minutes at a heart rate no higher than 140 beats per minute), at higher intensity, on the contrary, provoked by the “wolf” hunger.

Plus. Improved mood.

Physical activity contribute to the production of hormones of happiness – endorphins, which naturally improves your mood. This is especially useful for those fatties are used to seize their stress.

Plus. Fat is consumed actively.

Fat stores are beginning to break down only after 20 minutes of intense workout. Because the first 20 minutes of muscle work mainly at the expense of stored glucose and glycogen in liver and muscles. Therefore, exercise for weight loss should last at least 40 minutes.

However, if you engage in the morning on an empty stomach, the same effect can be obtained in just 20-30 minutes. The thing is that during the night our body uses up all the glucose and some of the glycogen and, therefore, will take energy from fat. But keep in mind that too intense morning exercise may provoke starved!

Plus. The body recovers faster.

It is proved that after a morning sports heart rate recovers faster than those who trained in the evenings. Also improves the quality and duration of sleep, but it only works on “larks” and not on “owls” who force pushed myself out of bed, and then half go “broken” after a fitness.

Getting up earlier than usual for a few hours for the sake of fitness, You yourself are stealing time to sleep, due to which the body has no time to relax from the day’s fatigue. The solution is simple: do morning exercises are much shorter, about 10-15 minutes, instead of 40-50 minutes of running, which will lead to lack of sleep. Go on the weekdays less, but increase the load on weekends.

Minus. The body is not ready for the sport.

After waking up the body is slightly delayed, because it is in the energy savings mode. That would not hurt the joints and muscles, you need to cheer up, to move around a little and make thoroughly warm-up (15-20 minutes). You got up from bed to go wash up, drink coffee, and only then proceed to the warm-up and exercises. If this time is not the morning, then getting out of bed, stick to easy 10 minute charge.

Fatigue lies in wait for those who conceived the morning to seriously work out. So, you woke up, warmed up, practiced… and you became ill. If the causes of ailments are diabetes, hypothyroidism or other diseases, then the weakness of the blame for the drop in the level of glucose in the blood. Judge: you have not eaten all night, and if we ate according to the rules, and then did not eat for 3-4 hours before bedtime. Dinner probably was too easy, You lose weight (!). In the blood there is no glucose, the glycogen stores are running low, and without them the body cannot use the fat.

But to solve this problem! To be precise, light foods that contain up to 100 calories that give the body energy for the first 20 minutes and soak for 15-20 minutes

(time in the morning not to wait until digested porridge).

Breakfast can be a glass of juice diluted with water, a handful of dried fruit or raisins, a piece of dark chocolate with coffee or sweet tea.

Evening workout: pros and cons

Plus. Laid out on the full.

The thing is that during the day the muscles warmed up and come in tone and light have a maximum length of about 17 PM. So evening training will be much easier than in the morning, but only if You don’t overload yourself too at work and don’t sit on a strict diet.

Plus. The acceleration of metabolism.

The closer the time of sleep, the slower the metabolism becomes, it is no wonder that some diets allow you to eat sweets, but with one rule – in the morning, when the body is able to quickly digest the food and to start up a cake or eaten candy into energy, and will not droop on the sides or waist.

Now, the evening workout will help speed up metabolism, but only cakes to eat at night is not worth it!

Plus. Loss of appetite .

Evening sports activities can actually reduce the appetite, but it will depend from many kind of workout. All perfect evening activities dancing, yoga or Pilates, as Your heart rate does not exceed the mark of 100 beats per minute. More intensive training will lead to “wolf” hunger and overeating

Minus. Fatigue after a working day.

Physical or mental fatigue after work sometimes discourages exercise, but there is a solution! Do not overload yourself strong, exhausting exertion in the gym. Then Your subconscious mind will not disgust for the sport, and You are happy to look after work in the gym for at least half an hour. If possible, visit the pool – the water perfectly removes fatigue and well coached muscles even during quiet stance.

If after a workout You want to eat an elephant, so the load was too high, or lasts too long. Next time replace the lighter exercises, running replace walking, reduce the weight of the dumbbells.

But, if after a workout you still want to eat, then cook for dinner lean meat with vegetable salad. Avoid carbs in the evenings!

Intensive training is able to excite the nervous system. Therefore, abandon invigorating music and be sure to complete your practice calm breathing exercises.

Here’s a simple analysis of the training You will be able to hold their own, will help You choose the best time for sports, which will definitely yield excellent result in weight loss and excellent health!

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