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Products for energy or what foods give you energy

Products for energy or what foods give you energy


You slept well all night, but in the second half of the day rolls on you irresistible drowsiness. Coffee and that doesn’t help! But right after work you still have to hold a heavy workout at the gym! Where is the exit? It turns out, look for it in your kitchen!

Training with weights stimulates hormonal secretion. In particular, the production of insulin and other hormones involved with digestion. As a result, the process of digestion goes on full force, but it has an annoying “side effect” — takes the energy from the brain. In addition, when excess insulin glucose too quickly leaves the blood. As a result, the brain and nervous system do not receive your main “fuel”. The result is an irresistible desire to sleep… to be always in shape, you should meticulously select the products for your table. Some of them are “dangerous”. They “consume” energy. You need the opposite effect. Products you should “charge”!

These fruits are very rich in quercetin. It shows the properties of vitamin, antioxidant, anti-edema, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic agents. Overall, the athlete is much more important than the other, a truly miraculous effect of quercetin. He intervenes in the muscle cells and causes them to produce more energy! The scientists gave the students College sports apples during the week, and noted all visible reduction of fatigue after workouts. The recovery rate also increased.

“Tip: Eat before training a couple of apples, and you’d be surprised how much easier it was to train. Just do not try to peel the apples! In the skin and contain a higher amount of quercetin!

Bananas are good because they contain carbohydrates two types — “fast” and “slow”. So useful to eat bananas before and after workouts. Besides, this fruit is very high in potassium, which affects the force of muscle contraction. But this is not the potassium, from which a “dead” drugstore tablets. Bananas contain potassium in a bioactive form that is absorbed not the best example and is welcomed by all cells of the body.

“Tip: don’t forget to chop the banana in the blender and add in a protein shake that you take before and after training.

It is considered that beef heavy meal, however, contrary to expectations, it clearly adds strength. Nutritionists explain this by the presence in beef bioactive iron. Iron has a positive effect on the blood’s ability to accumulate oxygen. The rest is clear without further explanation: the more in the body of oxygen, the higher the tone. Plus beef contains a natural “energy drinks” such as creatine, b vitamins and zinc.

“Tip: Buy the pair beef grass-feeding. There are twice as many fat СLА. Don’t buy frozen meat. In the fridge the meat loses up to 50% moisture, and because the steak like beef similar to a soldier’s sole.

Oysters, octopus and squid, as well as the inhabitants of bivalve shells, marine and freshwater, for centuries up in the diet of a person. The solution of such a love of food, which sometimes looks very unappetizing, is simple: mollusks significantly add strength. Scientists studying this phenomenon, I came to the conclusion that the reason lies in the “energy” vitamin B12, which in many mollusks. Moreover, in bioactive forms, which absorbed not the best example. This vitamin stimulates the cerebral cortex. Moreover, in many mollusks tyrosine. Tyrosine increases production of the hormone norepinephrine action on the body which is similar to the action of adrenaline.

“Tip: almost Freezing does not harm the shellfish, so buy without fear of frozen marine mix.” Cook according to instructions and add to pasta or rice. It is useful from time to time to eat for the night portion of shrimp. They contain a lot of zinc, which will help nocturnal secretion of testosterone.

Caffeine is a popular stimulant, however, you must know that a Cup of coffee contains also substances that have a relaxing effect on the muscles. This explains the cases of coffee habit. Many nervous and sensitive natures feel invigorating drink paradoxical relaxation. It is contraindicated before training, so coffee you need to replace a pair of pure caffeine pills. He not only will lead the psyche, but also increase strength. Moreover, the latter has been proven in numerous scientific experiments. Even Mature security officers under the influence of caffeine improve their performance by 1-2 unnecessary repeat.

“Tip: If you drink coffee, do not add in a Cup of cream and sugar, except, low-fat milk. An hour before workout take 200-400 mg of caffeine in tablets.

They contain leucine, which not only is a key element of protein synthesis, but is also responsible for energy production during exercise with the weights. Besides, eggs contain many b vitamins, which stimulate the production of energy in cells. Well the fact that the protein of eggs, mixing in the stomach with carbohydrates and slows their digestion. Due to this, the meal includes scrambled eggs or fried, guarantees a stable blood sugar level.

“Tip: Eat Breakfast 2-4 whole eggs. This will help you to maintain a high level of energy.

Honey should be added to post-workout protein shake. It contains the type of sugar that the liver converts best into glycogen. It is worth mentioning that out of the 24 trace elements that are found in our blood, in honey can be found 22. Among them there are those that are directly responsible for energy, in particular, iron, calcium and phosphorus.

“Tip: After a workout, add a tablespoon of honey in a protein shake or dissolve in a glass of cool water and drink.

Oatmeal is recommended to eat for Breakfast, but it is not for everyone. In some people, and often children with so-called “inherent weakness” of the liver, oatmeal in the morning can even cause cirrhosis. Especially for those who live in conditions of poor environmental. A useful property of oatmeal to actively intervene in the liver and to stimulate the production of liver enzymes plays in this case a disservice. Whatever it was, but a serving of oatmeal to eat for 3 hours before training. According to science, this increases the endurance and fat oxidation in the process of doing strength and aerobic exercises.

“Tip: In the morning the oatmeal should be added scoop of casein, and even pieces of Apple and banana. This will not only make the dish taste better, but also provide high activity in the first half of the day.


In these seeds contains a lot of magnesium. This trace mineral is actively involved in metabolism, in particular, enhances protein synthesis and the production of energy in cells. As the researchers found that magnesium deficiency is guaranteed to reduce the strength and endurance of muscles. It would seem that tablets of magnesium can be bought at the pharmacy. However, with a “living” magnesium tablets can not be compared. Besides seeds contain a lot of other natural compounds that help the magnesium to be absorbed.

“Tip: the Seeds should be good to fry. Then you can crush it in oatmeal and add to vegetable salads.

There is no better side dish for meat and fish than rice. However, white rice the athlete is not good. He cleaned grain from membranes that contain insoluble fiber. Instead of rice you need to consume untreated wild (or brown) rice. Fiber inhibits starch digestion and helps on longer after eating.

“Tip: don’t soak the rice, but still for a long time. In the process of soaking the rice at the start of the negative enzymatic processes that make this product are hazardous to health.


These nuts contain omega 3 fats that our body immediately spends on energy needs and therefore not warehoused under the skin. Nuts give a real boost of strength, because in addition to inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates. Walnuts useful is the night to slow digestion and allow the muscles to starve for a long night’s sleep. Walnuts should be taken and during the day. This will give tangible addition day tone. “Tip: without restrictions crumble the walnuts into oatmeal and vegetable salads.

Invigorating effect of the Argentine mate tea has less than the coffee because the Cup of maté contains 85 mg of caffeine as opposed to 135 mg per Cup of coffee. However, along the way in mate contains theobromine and theophylline, a known stimulant of the mind. They act on the brain in a different way than caffeine, however, synergistically interact with it. In the end mate actually increases energy. “Tip: the Unusual taste of mate is easy to disguise, if you add a slice of fresh lemon.