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Proper breathing during exercise – Workout – Fitness – MEN’s LIFE

Proper breathing during exercise

Take a breath – this is natural and important for the entire body process. Often we breathe without thinking. But it is necessary to cut off oxygen – life slows down.

The majority of people only breathe during sleep, in a state of complete relaxation when the breath is controlled unconsciously. During wakefulness the breath goes astray, and sometimes delayed, which could cause serious disruptions in such important organs as the heart and brain.

Meanwhile, learning to control your breathing, it is possible not only to preserve health, but also to live much longer. Proper breathing during fitness activities will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your workout, because then the muscles will better recover, you will be less tired and will be able to achieve the required result.

Proper breathing during exercise depends on what kind of exercises you perform.

Exercises to develop flexibility. The breath should be done in the rules facilitating the expansion of the chest, and exhale – when it is compressed. When bending forward, hands touching the floor, the breath should be done in position when the body is straight, the arms are slightly laid back. And exhalation is done, leaning forward: the thorax and abdomen at this point is compressed, which helps in more complete displacement of air.

Strength exercises. Exhale is recommended to do in the moment of greatest muscular exertion, and inhale when the voltage of the smallest muscles. For example, lifting the legs up from the supine position. Breath – while raising your legs, and exhale – at the time of lowering them down, when the voltage of the abdominal muscles more. Another example: when push-UPS in the supine position: flexing his hands, inhale, straightening – exhale.

Always remember that during training you cannot hold your breath, try to breathe freely. If you have noticed that holding your breath, it means that you perform the exercise too hard for you, and should weaken the intensity of the load.

Exercises cyclical nature. During walking, running, Biking, swimming, when the body’s need for oxygen increases several times, proper breathing is especially important. When running, primarily, harmonized with the body movements to the rhythm and frequency of breathing. Erratic, with pauses or too frequent breathing breaks the rhythm of running, makes coordination difficult and does not provide sufficient ventilation. For example, if you have slow running on each inhale and exhale should have three or four steps, and when driving at a moderate speed, on each inhale and exhale – one or two steps.

In swimming breath is dictated by the style. If you are swimming breaststroke, breath can only be done at the time of raising the head above water; if crawl – at the end of the stroke, when the face turned to the side and his mouth is above the water. In other phases of navigation can only breathe air into water.

Stop breathing during sleep occurs almost every person

The cessation of breathing during sleep have about 80% of people. The causes were different – stress, psychological distress, disturbed sleep, increased level of anxiety Read more »

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