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Family tips – Ways to workout at work

Ways to workout at work

Most people work full time and have a few hours of exertion or increased mental activity and prolonged static position. To avoid inactivity and fatigue, it is necessary to provide sufficient physical and emotional relief in between work and other times.

Physical culture of the organism is not only the key to health, but also a way to improve performance. There is a misconception about exercise. It is believed that work affects health and causes weakness. It is not so. Of course, overload the body will not help maintain the tone and will cause

fatigue and weakness. However measured, the adjustable load will help maintain alertness and performance throughout the day.

The correct mode of work is the change of activities, the alternation of mental stress and physical labor. The normal workday shall consist not only of intense work, but also from small breaks to warm up, especially in a situation where employees stay for a long time in a static (immobilized) position.

Consider the main types of organization of the dynamic activity during working hours that ensure productivity:

Introductory gymnastics. It may be implemented at the beginning of the working day to enhance physiological processes that provide both brain activity and ability power. The load should be moderate, but tonic to lift your spirits, give the charge all day. This is usually 5-6 exercises. This last exercise should wear relaxing in nature, and also enable to normalize the heart rate and make breathing even.

Physical pause. It is held in the middle or at the end of the half day. It is necessary to determine when the fatigue of workers has not yet arrived and it is the time to undertake actions to prevent it. Such pauses is aimed at stabilizing the replacement of the mechanisms of nervous activity and passive stimulation due to prolonged work of excitation. It is possible to include from 5 to 7 exercises. But it is important to adjust the load of the exercises with loads in production.

Physical minutes. Such breaks consist of only 2-3 exercises designed for quick activation and warm up the major muscle groups. It can be sit-UPS, breathing exercises, warm-up the body. Physical minutes the employee, unlike introductory gymnastics and hitpause, independently performs every hour or two.

Exercise at lunchtime. If a long lunch (one hour), you can do some exercise before work. But it is worth considering that such exercises should not require much physical activity they need to perform at a slow pace. And also should withstand 20 minutes after lunch.

Walking. You can replace exercises after lunch the walk. First, you should withstand a slow tempo and then gradually speed it up, but always accompanied by deep breathing. This walk helps digestion and metabolism in the body.

Sports games. Can be performed at lunchtime lightweight sports games, such as table tennis. But keep in mind that reloading the game can have a negative impact on future performance. They are shown to the representatives of sedentary occupations.

Any the production Manager should remember that the dimensions and regular exercise greatly improves the working capacity of employees in any field. It is also important to provide psychological comfort and adequate air circulation in the room. And the employee in turn must remember that in addition to physical activity during working hours, you must comply with the General mode of activity, also to sustain proper sleep, nutrition, and a clear plan for your day.