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Preparing the player for the competition

Preparing the player for the competition

We have said that all competitions, ranging from competitions for the right to participate in the team of my shop to the superiority of the Soviet Union, conducted on a specific time schedule and strictly agreed on terms.

This gives you the opportunity not only to lead purposeful training throughout the year, but also specifically to prepare for various competitions based on the approximate composition of possible opponents.

The main task of the player in the main period of education and training, in the period of preparation and participation in competitions,— achieving the best shape and success in competitions.

About the content of the training in the main period we are in General terms described in the section “Planning and accounting education and training section.” Will tell you more about the issues related to preparing the player for a given competition.

Preparation for the competitions is advisable to carry out individual and lesson plan made by several classes (usually no more than 6-8 sessions) immediately preceding the competition. The main content of the training during this period, of course, is the tactical and technical improvement, however, in the plan should reflect also the General physical and moral training, without which one cannot attain the Supreme fitness of the organism.

The athlete must first carefully observe sports mode: sleep at least 8 hours. a day, morning gymnastics, a reasonable combination of working and training time with rest periods. Food needs to take not less than 1.5—2 hours. before training or meeting, otherwise the athlete will feel lethargy, drowsiness, he will have trouble breathing. Do not eat immediately after a workout or a meeting, first, having cleaned up under a warm shower, relax a bit. Food doesn’t have to be difficult, especially at night. Dinner at least 2 hours. before going to bed.

Smoking should at least be reduced to a minimum. The use of alcoholic beverages and even beer excluded. Nothing lowers the reaction rate, as alcohol, even in small doses.

During the period of competition in the exercise program recommended to leave the morning exercises, calisthenics, warm-up before the meeting and two or three special exercises for feet and hands.

Throughout the period of preparation for the competitions should be particularly carefully to exercise self-control, regularly checking the weight, vital lung capacity, blood pressure and other objective indicators of physical state of the body. Sometimes a bad dream and an unexpected sharp drop in weight are the first symptoms of incipient but not yet! conscious overtraining, which in the period of preparation for the competition is particularly pernicious in its consequences.

Work on technique and tactics of the game in training, immediately preceding the competition, is very specific, distinct applied nature. Please explain what this refers to.

Each player performs one strikes a better fate; among the latter are bound to have a 1-2 punch that are the most successful in the implementation and represent the strong technical arms of the player. It is quite clear that the competition, unlike conventional training classes, you might need to try more to use your best attacks, and the worst, in every way trying to disguise the gaps and, conversely, to find weaknesses in the game of the opponent.

The solution to this problem and should be directed to the training of the player in training before the competition. To do this, the athlete himself or with the help of a more experienced friend (trainer, instructor-public) needs to develop some tactical and technical schemes of play with different style opponents. This scheme includes several standard combinations, calculated that the enemy, in the end, was forced to send the ball under your best shot, the final point.

As an example of this scheme, we present the following case.

Assume that the most efficient and trouble-free the final blow you have a short oblique forehand into the left corner of the table (i.e., under the left arm of the enemy). Obviously, to prepare the winning points that way, you need to force the opponent to move as far as possible from the left corner. This can be achieved, for example, a short oblique stroke under the right arm of the opponent. With the successful implementation of such a strike opponent to take the ball, will be forced to go over the side line of the table (to the left of you), at this point he will be at a maximum distance from the intended direction of your final kick, and you have full opportunity to win a point. Such is in General tactical scheme one of the key combinations that you consistently try to accomplish in this meeting.

Technical preparation for any competition mainly comes down to learning combinations of this type. However, one should not chase the practiced combinations, to work out three-four combination, but quite reliable.

Very often, for example, in the drawing of the personal championship of the city in a circular system is known in advance of possible opponents. In this case, the tactical plan of the meeting is drawn up against every perceived enemy separately, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of his game.

In addition to learning the combinations and training schemes before the competition, you must, as we have said, often play with the score to win by checking in practice developed tactical combinations of the draw points. It is useful to have 2-3 serious meeting with the judge, while striving to win with the best score.

However, a large number of such meetings, and especially playing any qualifying “beanbags” to be carried out directly before the main competition should not be.

If there is a need for special training meetings for drawing players into the atmosphere of competition, it is best to spend a small surge of competition. They are a very good way to check your fitness and force all players to play at full strength, as a strong player gives you more points (3, 5, 7, 10) forward the weaker player and the possibility of their equalized. As a result, interest in the game increases.

By the same method to build training sessions couples on training and teamwork which, unfortunately, is drawn very little attention.

More lessons of the last period of training to include special exercises for competitive game time. For this it is useful to cast a shorter party (5-7 min.), getting used to playing with different ratio of points of time when the rest of the game remains 3,2 or 1 min.

Control of the game with a score, equalizing competition, games with reduced time control are an important means of moral-volitional training for the player to competition. Meanwhile, the value of such training in table tennis competitions often underestimated.

Often one can observe that the player before an important meeting spends the whole day in the hall, where the competition, unnecessarily straining your eyesight, hearing, attention. As a result, the senses lose their sharpness perception, instead of a small healthy nervous excitement before meeting the player a feeling of indifference, apathy, and he stands well below their capabilities.

There is the other extreme. Some players before the meeting, I try most time to spend in bed, move less. Often these players are unnecessarily alarmed for the contest, perform below their capabilities.

If you before a meeting and have a few hours of free time, don’t start mentally preparing for it too early. Better at this time to take a walk around town, play a game of chess, do crosswords, etc. in a word, to find any interesting activity, not tiring the muscles and eyesight; do not go before a meeting at the cinema (it is an assault on the eyes), do not dance and do not read much.

Remember that success in combat sports brings not only the superiority in technique, tactics and physical training, but also reasonable training for a contest, the will to win.