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Open season of cross-country training!

Open season of cross-country training!

The content of the article:

Every year before the onset of summer, every woman begins to think about preparing for the beach season: to determine the place of rest, to take care of the wardrobe, stock up on a couple of new bright swimwear, and most importantly – to bring the body in order to lose a few pounds of excess weight, tighten and pump up the muscles.

In our country more and more noticed women who choose running as a way to

maintain good physical shape. Often you can see them in completely different places in the city and even outside the city, for example, on the Park’s alleys, pedestrian crossings, crossing from one side street to another to face them in the stores, buying mineral water.

How to make so that not to lose precious time to prepare and be able to motivate yourself? Either independently or with a coach? What exercises to use, so the effect was in the right place? How to make so that sessions do not come to any harm?

Lots of questions, the answers to which need of someone who wants to appear in the new season fully prepared.

More and more women chooses running

The use of cross-country training

To help the woman comes running – simple, effective, and most importantly economical way to achieve the intended purpose. It is known that the number of burned calories an hour Jogging replaces two hours of Biking, four yoga classes, three hours of dance classes.

In addition, running is a tool not only for getting rid of excess weight, but also a way to improve their health overall. Why running is so beneficial?

The researchers of this question called secret formula “phase of flight” is the moment when running off the ground. In that split second of time is overcome earth’s gravity: the key point, because it is now in the body begin to work all the capillaries. Thus, improving the cardiovascular system, endocrine and hormonal systems.

Namely, Jogging is one of the best and fastest ways of formation of muscle tone. Happens so because at the same time worked out several groups of muscles of the femur and tibia, and the load on the shoulder girdle and the anterior abdominal wall.

Of course, all the muscles are not involved. What will be more active, depends on running technique and training.

Workouts are:

Sprint workout – when the emphasis is on speed. Better developed upper body. Marathon training – the emphasis is on the run through the length of the distance. In this case, pumped best legs.

During the “phase of flight” is overcome earth’s gravity

Running is a marathon and a sprint

Features of running for women

If you aim to make running your lifestyle, there are lots of advantages for women of this habit:

First of all, the female body increases the rate of metabolism, and that means accelerating the rate of fat burning. Problems such as cellulite or deficiency skin tone with regular training disappear. Also running has beneficial effects on brain function, as negative energy is released. If you run regularly, then the aging process slows down and wear the body. Solved the problem of swelling. Running is a safe way to cleanse the lymph and excess liquid. If for this purpose to use medications, there is a risk of the output not only of excess water, but also nutrients. Gradually the release of excess salts with the release of sweat. Heart training: shortness of breath disappears and there are no problems with palpitations. Cleaned up the bronchi and lungs, all organs are saturated with oxygen, resulting in a more youthful, fresh, clean skin. Running has a positive effect on liver: does massage internal organs, causing liver washed by the blood from the inside. From the point of view of the female energy, the impact on the hip joints helps to restore the circulation of energy.

Running is good for women’s health

Running for weight loss

If the goal is to lose weight, the speed of progress depends directly on the enthusiasm in this question: how much work is done and how consistently. The direct influence of the running speed, weight, runners, stride length. Everything else – shoes, running technique, weather, the mood is affected only to a small extent.

Of course those who are just starting to practice running exercise, the load should not be large: 15-20 minutes a day is enough for a start.

The fat begins to burn in the body only after 20-30 minutes of training. It is best to run long and evenly, moreover, it is advisable to increase the load by 10% weekly. In this case excludes the effect of habituation.

Running – ally women in the fight against obesity

How to lose weight with running

Running for dummies

Women who are not versed in the matter, we should start with three sessions per week. Exercise every day to run about three miles, gradually increasing the load.

You can run interval, that is running with interrupts: to alternate running and walking. Better to start with a uniform running. When the body becomes accustomed to exercise, you can work to increase speed using the intervals to add other types of workouts.

The newbie is better to alternate running and walking

How to run

Contraindications. Running after 40

Unfortunately, it often happens that the older the woman, the less she pays attention to yourself and your body, considering that after 40 it came out “in circulation”. According to the research results, U.S. scientists found that should give cardio exercise at least 75 minutes per week, combining them with a few power exercises.

For this group of athletes running solves many problems related to health. For example, reduces the risk of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, strengthens bones, increases overall endurance.

Before the running exercise, you must do an intensive workout.

Better to start with training, where you alternate running with walking: two or three minutes to run, then switching to quick step, again a few minutes of running, then jump to step and so on for about 20 minutes.

You should be attentive to the question of running to women who are over 40. While the utility runs and versatility of running, it would be better if women were in this category you consult with your doctor.

Running is good for women in any age

What to drink during and after exercise

To Jogging and while it is best to drink regular non-carbonated water. She will reimburse the water that comes out of the body through sweat and prevent dehydration.

After exercise the body needs to restore electrolyte balance. This can be done with the help of the drink, where the ratio of carbohydrates and protein is 4:1. Some scholars argue that great milk chocolate.

While Jogging is better to drink regular soda

After Jogging is very suitable for hot chocolate or water

Where to run: the choice of location for training

Today there is a huge availability of fitness clubs and fitness centers “rocking” – rooms equipped for strength training, a large variety of different sports programs, professionally trained coaches and the miracle of trainers for sports, but d Jogging, as is well known in the modern world Jogging, in any case, has always enjoyed great popularity.

The pros of running outdoors:

Convenient for those who value freedom of choice and independence: Jogging gives you the opportunity to hold classes at any time, and to adjust to a schedule trainers and fitness clubs. Save on a subscription to a fitness club. No need to spend time on the road

Jogging is very popular, despite the huge range of fitness clubs

Correct Jogging technique

We run, run! Binding

Be sure to start with a warm-up! Shoes must be thick soles Important to explore good foot, because it falls on a very large load to Determine the optimal breath – no need to run “headlong” – after training should remain a feeling that there is power to run even: then no rejection run before the next run. Patience: sometimes the “dummies” force yourself to run fast and hard, but in this approach there is no truth: it is better to start with small loads, gradually increasing. Regularity! If running from time to time, special nothing will. But if you enter a race in the habit, it will be a lot of positive emotions, good mood and extra energy and effort. Fix the time for a run. Better to focus on time rather than by distance. The body, getting used to the good will to demand from their host another batch of miles.