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The benefits and harms of the pool for health

The benefits and harms of the pool for health

All doctors say that the best type of load than swimming, you will not find. However, it is not always as helpful as it seems.

It so happens that you just don’t have time to go to the river, plenty there to swim. For this purpose, and were created pools don’t need to travel far just to go to the pool and get energized no worse than swimming in the river.

Details: About the benefits of swimming for health. In this article, we

will discuss the potential harm of use of the pool.

Actually swimming in a pool can bring to our body not only benefits, but also considerable damage. And that damage is related more to the health of the skin.

Why swimming pools are considered hazardous to health?

In fact, as if not carefully handled pools, it does not always give a positive result. Just in water there lives a huge number of different microorganisms that have acquired “immunity” to disinfectants. Their active reproduction is favored by warm and moist environment of swimming pools.

Completely destroy all the bacteria living in the pool, is unrealistic. Water treatment just maintains their number is normal. That’s why before heading to the pool, the doctors suggest that you learn how often they clean the water.

Without “registration”

Very dangerous pools, where missing, not even requiring a health certificate. They can live so many different bacteria! Therefore, before you visit such a pool, think about the possible consequences.

Often in the pools inhabited by the bacteria that cause the appearance of warts. You can also catch a fungal infection, scabies and even ringworm.

So whether it is useful chlorination?

The water in many pools is purified with chlorine. It also happens that both are applied not only compounds based on chlorine, but also ozone.

However, for some reason a few people think that a huge dose of disinfectant is extremely harmful to the health of the skin.

As in water softening, protective layer of skin, the bleach can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, causing severe irritation or even an allergic reaction .

If you don’t want to expose your skin considerable danger, it is recommended to visit swimming pools combined with the removal of water. That is, that the water was decontaminated using chlorine and ozone.

In case that you have come to the pool, and feel the strong smell of chlorine, it is better to refuse from swimming. This way you will protect your body from possible negative consequences.

After you exit the pool, rinse off all the bleach under running water.

Safety rules in the pool

you should not swim in the pool with a cold. Just so you can easily get an infection in mind the weakening of the immune system ;

going to the pool, immediately change of notation in flip flops and take them off just before entering the water. The only way you will protect yourself from fungal infections that affect the feet. It is not recommended to remove flip-flops even in the shower;

do not forget about hat hair. It will help to protect your hair from the harmful effects of chlorine;

after the pool you should wash thoroughly in the shower;

come home and have to wash a bathing suit or swimming trunks. If you do not, your stuff will remain the chlorine and harmful microorganisms;

never use another’s property – whether it’s soap, towel or shower cap. They contribute to transmission.