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How to start doing yoga?

Tips Ksenia Gorovoy, yoga instructor with seven years of experience.

For most people, the word “yoga” is shrouded in mystery. Many people are scared to come to class because they ‘newbies” who thinks that “I do yoga only for women 50″ someone “scared to fall to the sect” well, a lot more that is completely untrue.

Yoga is really extraordinary, unlike any of the currently existing types of psychological and physical trainings.

The most important thing that you must understand and accept in yoga is that — it’s a complete and harmonious system, which originated many centuries ago in India. Yoga practice has been honed for thousands of years — humans have always sought to spiritual and physical perfection. Today there are various schools and styles of yoga, everyone can find the yoga that is right for him.

People regularly practicing, gets absolutely amazing results — physical and mental health, the development of all intellectual abilities, finds inner balance and stress resistance becomes support and support for other people.

Myths about yoga:

myth # 1

I’m not flexible, I have a bad physical preparation

Everything started to learn a foreign language. Here, too, we come to class and begin to get acquainted with your body again. You can start yoga at any level based on your fitness level and gradually acquire all the qualities, which are only a dream — slenderness, flexibility, physical endurance and strength. This is why there are special classes “beginner”.

Myth # 2

Yoga only for: /women/young/elderly (substitute any definition)

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (the founder ’s Institute for the Study of Ashtanga Yoga”, G. Mysore, India) expressed refutation of this best of all: “Anyone can practice. Young can practice. Old can practice. Very old can practice. A sick person can practice. No force can practice. All except lazy people. Only lazy people can’t practice yoga”. And Yes this applies to boys and girls and grandparents. Absolutely everyone!

Myth # 3

Yoga classes require a lot of time, and I’m very busy at work/school.

You can start doing at least 1 time per week in a group or individually with the teacher. If you have no time even for that, try to find a 5–10 minutes at home every day. It will take some time, and you get the first effect of yoga — you will begin to miss the time.

Myth # 4

Yoga — it is very expensive.

Not always the most expensive yoga Mat (Mat) the best. Form for yoga should be comfortable for you and no matter what brand. In yoga centers usually lessons are cheaper than in the fitness clubs. Over time you will transition to independent practice of the house that it will not affect your wallet, because group and individual lessons — this is only the first step.

Myth # 5

All yoga — vegetarians, but I could never give up meat because (a thousand reasons)

Yoga does not impose anything and does not require the practitioner. There are some recommendations (including nutrition) that help to accelerate progress in practice and to increase its efficiency. It is recommended to eliminate the opiate, narcotics and intoxicants, as they lower awareness, blunt personality and take up a huge amount of energy in place of activity appears apathy and depression that is contrary to the essence of yoga. Yoga leads to mental clarity, and vigor. Nevertheless people, practice yoga, eat meat, or to abandon it, but not through the violence against them, and an effort, but just by listening to the needs of your body. One of the first rules of yoga — Ahimsa, which means “nonviolence”. And here everyone makes a choice “nonviolence” only over himself, or over all living beings in the world.

Myth # 6

I adhere to a particular religious faith, so I can’t practice yoga.

Yoga — it is not a religion, although its philosophy does not contradict any of them. A representative of any denomination and even an atheist can be found in the ideas of yoga confirm his views of the world, because this philosophy encompasses all of the universal laws of the universe. Any sane person must adhere to these laws, as this leads to health, harmony with oneself and with society.

Myth # 7

I’m interested in the deep questions of spiritual development and yoga only works with the physical body.

Indeed, the most popular form of yoga in the West — it’s Hatha yoga, i.e. performing the physical and breathing exercises. And you may have the impression that this is all yoga. Actually yoga — much more serious and profound system of spiritual realization, giving tremendous results in all areas of your life.

Myth # 8

Yoga lay my legs over my head and sleep on nails, boil the blood and stop the heart.

This is a very wonderful and romantic myth about yoga. Though of course it has a grain of truth. Yoga really allows a person to gain some control over the body — better feel and understand your body, to anticipate the violation of internal balance and to understand their needs. But, unfortunately, Yoga is not a panacea for all diseases, not prolong the lifespan of two to three times every practitioner, not everyone practicing yoga, you will become an enlightened sage. At the same time competent practice can affect the strengthening and maintaining health, maintaining good physical health, peace of mind. It all is not something supernatural, and at the same time allows you to experience a new quality of life.

As you can see to prevent you can start doing only my own laziness that seeks tricks, creates “myths” and justification for your inaction. But with this Yoga will also help you to cope.

P. S: One of the best ways to start your practice, to immerse themselves in the yoga system and start doing daily — is a visiting yoga seminars. Where nothing distracts you and you can devote yourself and your development all the time. You are outside your normal everyday state of tension of consciousness, stress, thinking about what you care about. In the mode of “vacation” you will surrender yourself to practice and nothing can distract you from gaining inner harmony.