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Fitness against stress Fitness sports available to everyone

Fitness against stress

Stress should be able to remove. Even at work – in the absence of a suitable meditation, relaxation, aromatherapy, tranquilizers and active exercises. Pleasant momentary warm-up in the workplace – that will save us from the consequences due to stress!

Who among us has not experienced that state: we need to work on, busy, time to spare, and you a moment ago disappointed (shocked, shocked)

conversation with the chief quarrel with colleagues or unpleasant news. Or this “obstruction” of work that you obviously do not have time to do everything and have already started to panic – how you cope with this situation?

Stress can not save in itself. Stress can age, silly, are thick, accelerate the development of cellulite and wrinkles, and most importantly, greatly reduces the immune system with all the ensuing consequences. Stress should be able to remove. Even at work – in conditions when the not suitable methods such as meditation, relaxation, aromatherapy, tranquilizers and active exercises.

Relieve stress at work absolutely can not smoke, cakes or strong coffee. You can only apply chewing gum, tablets with mint or small square of chocolate, not to chew on it and suck.

Effective method of relieving stress in any working environment – this is a small inconspicuous-stress fitness.

First – straighten your back, straighten your shoulders and pull your stomach. This can be done sitting or standing – in the pose, which caught you stress. Stress, as a rule, immediately weighs down man, worsens your posture, makes you limp, feels good to the stomach… Here we are now and get. Straightened, tightened… So, one effect of stress is eliminated – back body shape in original form.

Now sit for a minute with my eyes closed. Stop thinking about the last conversation with the head, about an unpleasant discussion with colleagues about a creepy phone call with bad news. Think about how you look. Remember that after the stress all look awful – and not only in posture, but in expression.

Well, thoughts switched and now thoroughly’ll face. Don’t worry, the mirror is not necessary to get. First, relax your face, remove stress and a petulant expression. Swipe a few times my tongue over my teeth, then lick your lips. Put your hands on your forehead and press gently. Gently Pat his cheek. RUB whiskey. Well that – feel better?

Let’s go ahead. Take a few deep breaths with his hands on his knees and unfastening them. Then take a few deep breaths, his fingers in the lock. If you sit at a Desk or computer, off your shoes and quietly tap your feet – and all foot.

I’ll give another “soothing” exercise – hitting with the edge of the palm on a hard surface. It calms and allows you to focus, and simultaneously strengthens the edge of his hand (so to strengthen the edge of his palm karate). In a noisy environment (say, on the stand or on the trading floor) where you can not hear the tap, this exercise is very useful. According to the legend this exercise used the Amazon – and they were able to withstand the stress and never lost strength and fighting spirit!

If no one sees you in the moment – you can apply this way of dealing with stress – jump and wave his arms and legs. Not charging, not gymnastics, and just randomly waving. You could even aggressive – whole no one sees you.

Breathing exercises helps to relieve tension and irritation and is a good remedy against fatigue.

Another anti-stress complex.

Sit higher – on the table or windowsill (so that his feet hung).

Several times twist the legs in one and in the other direction: make a in one direction – Raspletina – weave in the other direction. Several times move your feet woven from right to left.

Straighten your legs, tighten, then relax.

Slightly bend your legs at the knee, put them parallel to each other and shake them left and right.

Stand up, straighten up, as a string, again a deep breath, exhale mouth – and back at the computer (behind the wheel, stand, rack, device, machine, etc)!

So, calmed down, slightly pazaragiris and return to work with new feelings, a good attitude and clever thoughts. You are in great working shape!