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How to choose a trainer for doma

How to choose a treadmill for home?

As it is impossible in the modern world to move a lot. Movement is reduced to the break between means of transport from home to place of work. and back. But for those who want to lose weight, always recommended to increase physical activity. Here and there the idea to organize yourself this same load in the home. Here and there in my head the idea of a home gym. Let’s try to choose wisely the simulator for the home.

What are the simulators for the home?

Assuming that the apartments and houses of the majority of people do not have a large area, the choice is narrowed down to a few options.


Is a simulation of normal walking on the stairs. And since the first recommendation losing weight is to stop using the Elevator, then this option can be considered as the primary. Well, actually, you’re not trying to go back and forth on his front porch? Moreover, there is not always clean, but almost always full of smoke. But the house you can walk as many steps as you want.

The simplest variant of the stepper – base with pedals that go down under the weight of your body. This model fits all. from children to seniors.

The advantages of choosing this simulator will take what he is able to tighten thighs and buttocks. In addition, he unlike others, does not occupy much space.


Perhaps the most popular simulator for the home. Is an imitation of the bike instead of wheels which stand, standing firmly on the floor. It was his choose to get rid of extra pounds and strengthen the cardiovascular system. It helps in a relatively short time to strengthen the lower body, mainly the hips and buttocks. Moreover, the load of such classes can be adjusted, ranging from slow walking and ending with strength training. simulate climbing on a steep hill. Often these models are equipped with heart rate sensor to control its frequency depending on what effect you want to achieve. Typically, weight loss occurs at a fairly low heart rate, and suggest cardio on the contrary, increase its frequency.

Of the minuses – covers a large area, and it threatens to turn into a clothes hanger.


Do not be afraid, I have to constantly run, not many can do it and ten seconds. On the treadmill you can just walk, increasing the load, depending on your fitness level.

Due to the popularity of such machines the range is rather wide, ranging from simple mechanical models to ultra modern and aggregates with a bunch of additional options. In mechanics you will move at its own speed under the influence of their efforts. Those simulators that require a network connection, suggest to increase the speed and change the load, lifting the canvas of the device for driving uphill. As a rule, all electric models are able to calculate heart rate, movement speed, the route and the number of elapsed calories.

Elliptical trainer

It is often called simply the ellipse. Is a hybrid variant of all the above. Movement to remind him climb up the hill on cross country skis. When you do this and combined climbing stairs, and walking. Involved are the muscles of the shoulder girdle, and the lower part of the body, including the problem of the abdomen, which promotes weight loss without leaving home. A trainer does not require a network connection, because it works with the power which you are capable. Most experts believe it as an ideal option for use at home. On such a simulator can simultaneously burn calories, tighten the figure, to find harmony and to increase endurance.

Whatever your answer to the question of how to choose a trainer for home, good luck in the struggle to figure!