Rich Richardson: Transfer a Love for the Local Church

January 26, 2013

From generation to generation… What we treasure, we must transfer! 

One of the things that was transferred to Rich that he hopes is transferred to you is a love for the local church. 

In the following video, watch Rich recount his experience as an 18 year old, driving a delivery truck, listening to God’s Word preached. Through a message titled, Passion for the Local Church, Rich became convinced that the place God does his work is in the local church. From that moment on he resolved, whatever he did for a profession, to give his best to serve God in the local church. A love was transferred from one generation to the next.

Join us May 25-28 in Orlando, FL for Transfer, a four-day gathering hosted by the churches of Sovereign Grace Ministries to celebrate and proclaim those biblical truths that are most important to pass on from one generation to the next.

This post originally appeared January 16 on the Sovereign Grace Plant & Build blog.