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About the benefits of physical activity

About the benefits of physical activity

Proven that to pregnancy and childbirth you need to prepare, and the preparation of the body on a physical level is one of the defining moments.

Why? The benefits may not too difficult, but daily physical activity is evident. They are great to help keep your body in shape, not allowing it to spread in the width, help the body to cope with the difficult work to move the blood in all blood vessels, strengthens the respiratory system,

in short — you name it. During pregnancy is redistributed and increases the load on all the organs and tissues. So, daily exercises as well as possible can help you to regulate the redistribution, but at the same time and test your endurance. Moreover, include in your sports diet special exercises, targeted to train those muscles that will be involved in childbirth.

So, regular exercise during pregnancy:

strengthen all the muscles, but help train a need for labor activity of the muscles of the pelvis and vagina;

improve heart and blood circulation;

help to learn how to breathe correctly;

reduce pain in the legs and back;

give energy and strength to withstand the additional weight;

contribute to a more rapid recovery of the body after childbirth;

improve mood, normalize sleep.

Physical activity during pregnancy depend largely on the lifestyle you led before. Doctors now believe that normally proceeding pregnancy does not contradict the preservation of an active lifestyle. So if you pre-pregnancy exercise regularly, it is at this critical period, there is no need to drop favorite activities.

Of course, while it is necessary to exclude those types of sports activities that may threaten you and your baby injuries. What’s that, and injuries to both of you absolutely contraindicated. So from mountaineering, horse riding, diving, skiing on water and downhill skiing, Cycling, volleyball, basketball, etc. it is better to refuse. And overload is now unacceptable, because it leads to too much power consumption, and oxygen starvation (and this can adversely affect fetal development). Therefore, the load must be reduced — no competition! The rest — in the first half of pregnancy you can continue¬to press to do their favorite sport.

If you were a famous athlete, but actually ran my last cross 5-6 years ago, and now in my spare time I like to read, sit at the computer or watch TV, start sports it’s a little late. However, in this case physical activity in pregnancy will be not only useful, but necessary. Because strong muscles, elastic ligaments and efficient breathing you will definitely need.

If you have neglected before, such a simple thing as daily charging, do not think that all is lost. Of course, no one calls you from the beginning of pregnancy to throw in extreme sports and rock press — the result will be sad (you may even lose the baby). Strong muscles of the peritoneum is fine, they are better “shape” during pregnancy and much quicker return to normal after childbirth. But if at the time of conception of their no means no, period. We will work with the “source material”. Of course, very good if you will regularly walk with my husband in the Park, go to the country on weekends to the country or just “nature”. This is useful anyway, because you will be able to move around a little, and get some fresh air, and get a charge of positive emotions, enjoy the beauty of nature. Mushroom picking and berry picking, excursions and travel — all this is well within reasonable limits. Not prohibited and not too active work in the garden.

During pregnancy a lot of pros have swimming lessons. First, water has a calming effect. The uterus and fetus become easier in the water, which reduces lower back pain and pressure on joints. And possible tremors in the classroom extinguished with water. Secondly, water exercises help to improve blood flow to the heart, and the outflow of tissue fluid to the circulatory system (thus helping to reduce swelling).

In addition, the resistance to movement in water is increased by several times, so when exercising, consumed more energy, and body temperature rises. The simplest and most affordable is smooth sailing for 20-30 minutes. Note that excessively warm water is harmful to the fetus. The ideal temperature from 25 to 27°C.

We should not forget about the purity. Those who do not is the happy owner of your own pool, you should remember that too popular and therefore crowded multicaudata public pools should be avoided.

If you decide not to swim in the pool and in open water, and here the rule is — avoid crowded places. The city beach or the lake that weekend attracts all the neighborhood, you are not satisfied, but the quiet river in the village is quite safe. Are good and swimming in the sea, but, of course, when strong waves you better stay under the awning and just breathe the sea air. Don’t need to endanger yourself get hit by the wave. Still, the body needs to train more and specially, keeping in mind the approaching birth. So, first, you need a load that increases your overall stamina, and, secondly, the exercises that develop the muscle groups that will participate in childbirth. The best option for ordinary non-sporting women — long walks plus gymnastics for pregnant women.

Another thing, if the pregnancy is progressing with some complications or deterioration in your health. Even the usual early morning sickness can significantly reduce the desired level of physical activity.

With caution to physical activity should be taken if you have:

kidney disease, heart, lungs;


diabetes mellitus;

severe myopia;

thyroid disease with changes in the level of hormones.

These diseases are not absolute contraindications to not too intense physical exercise during pregnancy.

Existing sets of exercises for pregnant women based on your new situation. These classes are designed to maintain shape, they will help strengthen some muscle groups and pose no danger to your health. But you should carefully monitor their health and, of course, to listen to the advice of your doctor. Exist and contraindications to physical activity during pregnancy. They are associated mainly with various problems gestation. In most cases, under such conditions the doctor prescribes bed rest — what there charging and exercises! In this situation, the first objective is the preservation of the fetus.

Contraindications to physical activity:

the threat of miscarriage;

abnormalities of the structure of the uterus, increasing the risk of miscarriage;

increased pressure and swelling caused by pregnancy;

placenta previa;

bleeding during pregnancy;

preterm birth in a previous pregnancy;

intrauterine growth retardation;

multiple pregnancy.