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♥ Yaroslav Melnyk: to run through the mountaineering ♥

If not for the fear of heights, Yaroslav Melnyk would never start to run, but in an attempt to overcome his phobia, unexpectedly discovered a new passion-running! Already 6 years Jaroslav runs and reaches new results…

SOF: Yaroslav Melnyk

Date of birth: 14.08.1983

Activity: Account Manager media group TV channel 24

Yaroslav, how long have You been running?

My running practice began with chestnut Run in 2007. So, for a long time. I tried, I liked it and thought I used to be able to run better … And this was the incentive to participate in the next Run. A year later I made and significantly improved its results.

And what prompted you to come on the first Run?

Probably liked the idea of charity, the combination of sporting competitions and charity events. The run – this is a complex decision. You and yourself a benefit and help society both morally and financially.

So, after 2007 You decide more carefully Jogging?

I played soccer, skied, but purposefully run did not until then, until he decided to try climbing. I am very afraid of heights, so I decided thus to overcome your fear:) And in preparation for a serious mountain hike provided an active cross-country load. I started to work both independently and in groups.

But personally, I think that seriously started Jogging, when last year hit the Nike Running Club. The club ’ s initiative Nike. People gather twice a week and train under the supervision and with the help of highly qualified coaches. Largely thanks to this group I have become more actively engaged in the running.

So You came running through the mountain. But, in the end, very thoroughly immersed himself in Jogging classes. So pleased to run?

Running builds endurance, which is very helpful in my new hobby – tourism. When you need 8 hours to go knee-deep in snow with a 25 kg heavy backpack on her back – cross-country skills are indispensable. But besides that, I itself is like running.

How often to run?

Twice a week for sure and another plus one to two times, depending on the current loads.

What time of day do you prefer?

Running on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings. The time the non-force work and other activities. But the morning time, certainly the most inviting.

And weather conditions stop?


Where do you normally run? What surfaces do you prefer?

Mostly urban neighbourhoods. I live in Obolon, so often it Obolon quay. Love to run in the Park of Glory, near Mother Motherland. There is very great, especially in the morning, when few people around. In addition, when you climb the stairs, which is quite exhausting, run up to the monument, and columns that are on the monument, the song “get Up a huge country”. An unforgettable experience!

And on treadmills to run?

Now I don’t go to the gym. But when he walks, used treadmills. But in a different way. Treadmills can be an addition or a temporary alternative to very bad weather.

Because even setting foot on a treadmill is slightly different from the “living” running, plus on a treadmill you set the speed and keep it, to step up the pace.

Now many doctors are quite critical “run” by recommending to replace it with other physical activities. Personally You had ever experienced the negative impact of running on Your body?

I’d rather not. If the loads are adequate, with the first workout and the hitch at the end, you will have no problems.

Fond of any sport?

I always say that love to play football, but don’t know how:) However, have half a year not playing, because to me, this sport started to sound very traumatic. The last time I try to play squash. The game is very energy-consuming, but interesting.

In addition to the Mileage dabbled in any races, marathons?

April 28, participated in the Kiev marathon, ran for ten 46:50, 68th among boys. In the fall I ran a half marathon. It was an unusual experience, but I really liked it. I want this fall to try a marathon. For summer cross-country plans, as I have two serious campaign – the Caucasus and in Slovakia.

On the eve of the race, observe any diet?

Unfortunately, I do power modes are not observed. But don’t smoke, drink alcohol and sodas. To be honest, I never subject was not thinking about a specific diet before the race… Perhaps it would have some positive impact on my result. But my results are not as outstanding…

The half marathon – 1 hour 47 minutes. 10 miles in the snow – 57 minutes. On the last Run result was 21 minutes 45 seconds. But I would like to improve these results.

And on the day of a race, what to eat? Oatmeal?

I every morning eat oatmeal :)

As for the workouts? How they change ahead of competition?

Actually not much. For example, on Saturday, before the Run will be either calisthenics or Jogging. In General, the club Nike has a very strong coach, a good friend of mine, who works as a methodologist and trainer in fitness club Aquarium. I always consult with him and listen to his advice.

But in General, why are You people so impressed with the running?

Running is good from the point of view of cardio, from the point of view of keeping yourself fit. In General, I just really like.

What, in Your opinion, sport is compatible with running?

Run – this is the Foundation. All sports are based on cardio (running, Biking, etc.) are the soil for any other sports.

If back life ago, could/would like to devote my entire life?

I guess I’d rather not, and hardly could. This is a very time-consuming, it is an eternal post (at least for the first 25 years of life), if you want to achieve real results.

Interviewed By Maria Kravchuk