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Caffeine increases endurance

Caffeine increases endurance

To such conclusion came Weldon Johnson, the Creator of the popular website still in 1998. Johnson was indifferent to coffee, never used the drink regularly. He helped the case. Accidentally Weldon learned that caffeine stimulates the body, especially in running, other kinds of athletics. Before the next race Johnson drank the coffee shop a Cup of strong drink.

Caffeine increases endurance

The effect has surpassed all expectations: for the first time in the history of his training athlete overcame a ten mile distance in less than half an hour. The experimenter recalls that day: “Remember that the body was electrified, it was shaking. But from that moment, the positive changes have come into my life”.

For two or three weeks before the competition Weldon Johnson completely eliminate caffeine from the diet, refusing even carbonated beverages. In this simple way it provides the body with maximum stimulating effect. A Cup of strong coffee an hour before the event is part of his training. Johnson himself does not rule out a placebo effect, but important, as it is known, is the result.

Maybe there are other reasons that explain the stimulating effect of caffeine?

Caffeine is really a stimulant. And, most importantly, taking this drug is not subject to legislative limits WAA (World anti-doping Agency).

Fans and fans of Cycling, baseball, athletics condemn athletes for doping and taking a prohibited stimulant. At the same time an excellent tool that increases stamina, always available, always at hand. And this Bank fizzy drink or a Cup of coffee containing caffeine.

Scientists studied the stimulatory properties of caffeine and its effects on the body of athletes in particular. Does this drug? The answer is YES. The first studies related to caffeine, scientists published in 1978. All subsequent discoveries only confirm promulgated at the time the conclusions. Caffeine is an effective stimulant.

Dr. mark Tarnopolsky of Canada’s McMaster University said in his scientific writings that questioned properties of caffeine is incredibly. In an interview to the authoritative publications of the scientist explained: “Statistics compiled at different times on this issue, confirms the positive impact of caffeine on the performance of athletes. This fact is repeatedly scientifically proven by researchers from leading laboratories of the world.”

How much caffeine?

The results of the discoveries, generate new research questions. What effect provides caffeine? In what quantity it should be adopted?

For many years the international scientific community said the reason for the positive effects of caffeine is its ability to burn fat to increase endurance athletes during intense training. But muscle glycogen remained. However, this explanation is incomplete. Because the paradox was that after administration of caffeine improved and the performance of people engaged in less stressful sports, for which improved stamina – not an end in itself.

Today, Dr. Tarnopolsky and his colleagues have a different opinion. They claim that caffeine releases calcium that has accumulated in the muscles, thereby increasing their efficiency. This property of caffeine helps to increase the speed of the runner, although the duration of exercise remains the same.

Caffeine affects areas of the brain, upsetting the feeling of fatigue. Many athletes feel the inclusion of the reserve forces. Laboratory studies show that the endurance of the organism under the influence of caffeine is increased by 20-25 percent. But the real figures are lower than they have averaged about 5 percent. Although this figure is enough to establish its own records, and new victories in the competition.

For a long time the optimum dosage was calculated according to the formula 5-6 milligrams for every kilogram of weight. The athlete with a body weight of 80 kilograms contains 400 milligrams of caffeine (600 milliliters of coffee daily).

But today uses a different formula, which was developed by the Louis Barks, who heads the Department of sports nutrition of the Institute of sport in Australia. In his opinion, a sufficient ratio is 1 milligram per kilogram of body weight i.e. an athlete who weighs 80 kilograms, it is enough for 120 ml of coffee daily.

Opinions, prejudices, experiments

In reality everything is not so simple. Scientist Terry Graham, who specializes in nutrition and human health, through experimentation found that at the dose of 9 milligrams per kilogram of body weight the results of the athletes are severely affected.

Many of the athletes, the coaching staff is ardent opponents of caffeine. Weldon Johnson recalled how hard it was for him the propaganda of their ideas, how their distrust perceived his fellow sprinters. Caffeine as a stimulant use of single athletes. And blame – stigma and skepticism. Many athletes believe that caffeine is illegal.

Mike Perry, who was involved in professional rowing, decided to test the effect of caffeine, about which much has been heard from his friend Johnson, just after the sports career. Perry drew attention to the fact that caffeine tablet is similar to a vitamin C. Eight months, once a week, Mike took two pills an hour before workout. After that he trained extensively, recording the results in a notebook.

The results of the experiment shocked the professional athlete: the effects of caffeine its performance has increased by 3 percent. The average speed in the test mode when caffeine was above the maximum speed shown without Mike “magic pills”.

Perry was on the pill “in the blind”, not knowing, vitamin or caffeine they contain. But the reaction of the body he managed in the majority of cases to identify the drug, which he drank today. Mike Perry admitted that he regrets his refusal of caffeine, when he played in the big sports. After all, according to Mike, caffeine is a safe way to show a good result.

There are people who don’t agree with Mike Perry. Stefan Kolat only once tried the caffeine. This was before the intense workout, which fast sprinting alternated with rest. Colt talked about his feelings: “I was shaking, body tensed, his heart was beating at a furious pace, which is not slowed down. The desire to repeat the experiment I do not.”

Coffee lovers caffeine is not prohibited

Among the population of the planet there are many connoisseurs and gourmet coffee. In their blood there is always caffeine as drink flavored drink. The only exception is a night’s sleep. Whether this category can expect good results if you give up coffee and, as recommended by Weldon Johnson, an hour before the competition to take a pill of caffeine? What negative consequences can be?

The researcher Tarnopolsky had to answer these questions. He explains that the caffeine is characterized by a diuretic effect, but only in cases where athletes have previously not taken. While dehydration caffeine intake does not cause.

The effects of caffeine may be manifested in the increase in the intensity of heart rhythm, increasing blood pressure. But, again, these effects are typical for people who have not previously taken the drug. All side effects disappear after a few days. Anyway, so says Dr. Tarnopolsky.

A positive result is saved in any case. It concerns the endurance of the body. And doubt does not arise. Even if a person constantly drinks coffee, Cup, drink an hour before sports competitions will provide the best results.

Dr. Tarnopolsky himself actively using caffeine. A famous runner, a triathlete, a permanent member of ski racing, which competes in national and international Championships, and says: “I love the smell of coffee I love the taste of it. For me this drink is bliss”.

But before every competition Tarnopolsky be sure to drink a strong Cup of coffee. So, perhaps, is in great shape, full of energy, optimism and strength.