Transfer | Session 1 | Summary

May 25, 2013

This evening, people gathered from across the country for the first session of Transfer.

Ian McConnell introduced the vision for this weekend’s conference, centered around the values we treasure that will move us to hope in God:

“What’s most amazing is that there’s Someone here with us when we gather like this. His name is God. He gathers when we gather. So we’re eager to gather like this because God promises to meet with us when we gather like this….Our heart and our passion is that we would put our hope in God.”

Jeff Purswell gave the first message on the topic of God’s Word from 2 Timothy 3: 10–17. Some brief notes from the message follow; audio will be available in a future post.

Main Point: The most decisive factor for a faithful future is adherence to God’s Word.

  1. Scripture’s Origin “These words aren’t simply written by men; they are breathed out by God. They are the product of his creative breath, his very words.” 
  2. Scripture’s Power “God’s word is profitable for everything. There is no part of your life that this word is irrelevant to.” 
  3. Scripture’s Purpose “How you respond to this word is how you’re responding toward God. Your attitude toward this word is your attitude toward God.” 

Watch the blog for more session summaries and audio messages which will be posted as the conference continues.