Transfer | Session 2 | Summary

May 26, 2013

This morning, Ian McConnell explained that at Transfer, we want to hear God’s Word preached, and we also want to hear stories of how these values we treasure have been transferred.

Joel Shorey told one such story as he shared his vision for transferring a passion for memorizing Scripture, asking the question “If God’s word is living and active, if it can transform us, why wouldn’t we go after it all we can?”

Jared Mellinger addressed us from Judges 7:1–23 on the topic of God’s People. Some quotes from his message follow, and the audio will be posted soon.

  1. God delights to work through the weak and the few. “We believe the worth of the church is measured by the worth of the Savior we treasure and by the worth of the Word we adhere to.”
  2. God is determined to receive glory through his people. “Ultimately, this is not about the glory of the people of God at all. The banner over the church is not ‘look how great we are’ but ‘look how great Jesus is.
  3. God will not allow our sins and failures to define us. “The Spirit teaches us to view the people of God not for their failures and faults and sins but for their acts of faith.”
  4. God gives his people a preview of the coming victory. “The church is presently messier than we like to think and will one day be more marvelous than we have ever dared to imagine.”

Continue to watch this blog for more updates from Transfer as we’re exploring and recalling the values we treasure most as Sovereign Grace Ministries.