Transfer | Session 4 | Summary

May 26, 2013

This evening, Tim Kerr shared stories of people who have transferred the value of prayer to him and gave some biblical instruction on pursuing prayer. He encouraged us with this: “Prayer doesn’t require any special skills. If you feel weak, if you feel the power of sin in your own soul, if you feel a little desperate, then you are perfectly qualified.”

Ian McConnell suggested spending a worthy $3 to purchase Tim’s eBook on prayer, Take Words With You, from Amazon.

Then Mark Prater gave our fourth general session, speaking from 1 Corinthians 12:1–11 on God’s Presence.

Notes from Mark’s message are below, and the audio will follow soon.

Mark shared a vision for spiritual gifts: “We have to be careful as Christians that the demands and effects of living in this material world don’t lull us into forgetting that we are spiritual people…we need to be daily filled with the Spirit of God.”

He then shared three characteristics of spiritual gifts:

  1. Gifts are given and empowered by God.
  2. Gifts are a manifestation of God’s presence.
  3. Gifts are for the common good.

“The gifts you have are not about the gifts. The gifts you have are not about you. The gifts are given for others, and when you use them in God’s power, you draw great attention to God.”

More updates from Transfer will follow as the conference continues. Keep watching the blog for summaries and audio messages!