Transfer | Session 5 | Summary

May 27, 2013

Today, Jimmy Cannon shared a story of transferring and reminded us of the real purpose of Transfer: “Transfer is not primarily about what you do. We have been called to do some glorious stuff. This mission we’ve been given is glorious. But it’s not primarily about what we do; it’s about what he has already done for us.”

Then C.J. Mahaney spoke from Philippians 3:1-6 on God’s Gospel. He introduced the importance of resisting legalism and valuing the gospel: “If you attempt to add your works in whatever form to [God’s] grace, you no longer have grace. Legalism means that we consider or ultimately conclude that the cross of Christ is insufficient for our salvation.”

Then C.J. shared four ways Paul equips us in this passage and protects us from legalism. Notes are below, and the audio will be posted soon.

  1. An Exhortation – “A joy [exists] in the Lord himself independent of circumstances, be they sweet or bitter. That not only protects one’s heart in the midst of opposition or a bitter providence but also guards one’s heart in relation to the attraction of legalism. Normally a first casualty of legalism is joy.”
  2. A Description – We worship by the Spirit of God: “We are God’s people only because the Spirit has acted on our hearts.” We glory in Christ Jesus: “Legalism is appealing to us because it’s a daily temptation for us to find a way to glory in ourselves just a little bit at some point each day…Legalism ultimately is self-atonement for the purpose of self-worship and self-glory.”
  3. An Illustration - “If there’s anyone who ever rested in their privileges and accomplishments, it was Paul. But a different way would be revealed to this man, and after his conversion, he would put no confidence in the flesh.”
  4. A Repetition – “Our safety is in saying and reviewing the same things, not pursuing novelties, because the same things will direct your attention away from yourself so that you will rejoice in the Lord, so that you will serve and worship by the Spirit of God, so that you will glory in Christ Jesus, so that you will put no confidence in the flesh. This is where you will be safe and joyful.”

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