Transfer | Session 6 | Summary

May 27, 2013

Kevin DeYoung spoke on another one of the values we treasure this morning, God’s Design. Notes from his message are below, and the audio will be posted shortly.

Kevin made this important distinction: “Gender makes no difference in how much God loves you. Gender does make a difference in how you love God.”

He explained five categories (the “a,b,c,d,e’s” of God’s design presented out of order) to consider the topic of gender:

  1. Eager Posture – “The woman is intentional to find ways to help and is eager to accept the role as a helper, and the man is intentional to find ways he might lead and accept the responsibilities of a leader…The central exhortation in the complementarian position is not for women to sit down, but for men to stand up.”
  2. Body – “Even our own desires must be subordinated to God’s will…Who you are as a man or a woman has everything to say about what you do with your body.”
  3. Appearance- “There are things that are ‘not natural’ for the sexes. Men are to be men. Women are to be women…Ladies, God doesn’t say shame on you for wanting to be beautiful, He says let me show you what true beauty is.”       
  4. Demeanor - “When Paul chooses to use an illustration on what it means to be gentle, he uses a nursing mom. And then he uses the analogy of a Father for what it means to exhort and charge.”
  5. Crown – “The crown for a woman is a true beauty. The crown for a man is true strength…There is something present in a man to be strong and lead; just like there is something present in a woman to be pure and beautiful.”

We’ll continue posting updates from the conference and audio messages for the remaining sessions here on the blog.