Yoga for pregnant women the benefits and features
Yoga for pregnant women: benefits and features Pregnancy is a unique ability of women, at which the update of all organs, as well as their interaction with the child. A healthy person feels good, if…


Proper breathing during exercise - Workout - Fitness - MEN's LIFE
Proper breathing during exercise Take a breath – this is natural and important for the entire body process. Often we breathe without thinking. But it is necessary to cut off oxygen – life slows down.…


The benefits and harms of the pool for health
The benefits and harms of the pool for health All doctors say that the best type of load than swimming, you will not find. However, it is not always as helpful as it seems. It…


Fitness is a lifestyle

“Fitness is a lifestyle”

And not a trivial loss, as many people think, I’m sure the owner of the fitness club “swallowtail” Nellie Vagina, especially because one of the meanings of the verb “to lose weight” – “to become poorer, poorer, become weakened. But fitness is health, youth, beauty, and harmony.

Recently in the “Swallowtail” is nowhere to fall to Apple: flexible and graceful beauties flit from one room to another, to become more beautiful, slimmer and more attractive. And rightly so: the succession of spring holidays approaching beach season, the holidays – every woman at any age I

want to be proud of their figure, subconsciously remembering the expression that men love with their eyes.

– We go to the center and girls, and girls and women, ” says Nellie. – Although it may be difficult for some ladies to determine the age, a lot depends on the power of the spirit, result orientation, innate charm and optimism. But in any case Continue reading

Products for energy or what foods give you energy

Products for energy or what foods give you energy


You slept well all night, but in the second half of the day rolls on you irresistible drowsiness. Coffee and that doesn’t help! But right after work you still have to hold a heavy workout at the gym! Where is the exit? It turns out, look for it in your kitchen!

Training with weights stimulates hormonal secretion. In particular, the production of insulin and other hormones involved with digestion. As a result, the process of digestion goes on full force, but it has an annoying “side effect” — takes the energy from the brain. In addition, when excess insulin glucose too quickly leaves the blood. As a result, the brain and nervous system do not receive your main “fuel”. The result is an irresistible desire to sleep… to be always in shape, you should meticulously select the products Continue reading

Time fitness morning or evening

Time fitness: morning or evening?

For anybody not a secret that to maintain the tone and slim figure need exercise. But in the fast pace of a big city is often not enough time for training, so the woman has to combine sports with work or school. And many have a question: when is better to do in the morning or evening? And which is more efficient for intensive weight loss?

Some experts believe that only morning exercise is able to burn more calories, others on the contrary, it is recommended to exercise in the evening. In any case, choosing the time for training, you must follow

these three rules:

Mode and schedule.

You can talk about useful exercising, but if a person needs to 8.00 o’clock in the morning to be at work, then it will likely be to do sports in the evening. And in this case it will be absolutely right. Better to practice regularly at a convenient time rather than wait for a “proper hours”. Otherwise, You just may leave your precious body without exercise.

Personal comfort.

Someone Continue reading

Treadmill for doma

The most interesting

Running is one of the famous sports activities to maintain a perfect body and great health. Some people like to go Jogging in the morning, many people prefer in the evening. It depends on the school or work. Choose the perfect time for Jogging or walking is not for everyone.

But when autumn comes, the temperature is not extremely comfortable, and raw, rainy weather makes us think about how to arrange things so that you can be with a perfect toned body and always healthy, and not depend on weather conditions, and constantly to be able to practice effectively. For

this and created an extraordinary treadmill. This kind of athletic trainer allows Jogging at any time and whatever the weather. Agree, much more comfortable to train in the household environment than on a wet, rainy or frosty weather. A home treadmill can be located both in the household environment, the office and in the country. Continue reading

Warm-up and hitch

Warm-up and hitch

Roller skating very many of us perceive as the same minimal fatigue and sitting on a chair :)) it’s so easy to allure, everything is rolling. and then.

Warm-up, albeit secondary, but a mandatory part of not only exercise, but even a simple “ride around town”!

A good warm-up will help you to protect against injuries, better, and more comfortable to perform the upcoming workout. During the warm-up by

improving blood flow warms up the muscles, preparing for the work of the joints, ligaments and tendons. Stretching improves the elasticity of muscles.

Stiff muscles can lead to knee injury, a quick run in cold weather without warming up the sprinters sometimes leads to rupture of the hamstring. This is just a sampling of the cases the cause almost any injury can become inadequate warm-up.

The degree of impact can be divided in three workouts etc.:

Before recovery Jogging or aerobic

Continue reading