Morning exercise generated useful habit since childhood

Morning exercise: form a useful habit since childhood

Perhaps one of the most helpful habits that serve in good stead throughout a person’s life, is morning exercises. The word “charging” indicates some kind of nourishment, in this case morning exercise provides us with energy, invigorates the body and makes a real Wake up.

Start the morning with movements, physical activity, which is lacking in the modern pace of life, even to children – undoubtedly, it is necessary and even essential. In addition, a useful “bonus” from the charge is in a good mood, and this will agree, the basis of the coming day.

Caring parent, it is important to instill such a useful habit to your child as early as possible. If every morning your child will learn to perform a number of simple physical exercises, it will become a necessity, like brushing your teeth .

If the child attends kindergarten, morning exercises, he will perform together with other guys in the gym or at another Continue reading

Water for weight loss

Water for weight loss

Refer to the ancient teachings that came to us from India, to yoga. This doctrine became the basis for many methods of promoting water as a means for weight loss.

What is the use of water? Yogis believe that the water is able to maintain health or to return them after a long illness. The lack of water in the body provokes the emergence of many diseases. In the dehydration of all the major systems of the body are not working as hard. Insufficient amount of gastric juice causes a problem with digestion, which is the cause of

many diseases of the digestive system and metabolism. Untimely removal of decay products is due to lack of water in the body, this in turn provokes the disease of the urinary system. The concentration of salts in the body increase, putting off in kidneys, gall bladder and joints.

Water is a solvent, not only nutrients, but also the toxins that enter the body from the outside or generated as a result of metabolism. When dehydrated, the blood can not fully perform the function of detoxification. So, there is a constant poisoning of the body.

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Walking and calories

Walking and calorie — Hiking and weight loss

Do not forget about the fitness exercise, like walking, and calories will be burned with pleasure and health benefits.

More move is one of the main conditions for weight loss. Physical activity helps the body to expend more energy than it receives. A good way to burn extra calories is to walk.

Walking is a natural way of human movement. Depending on your lifestyle and the type of activity people are, on average, from 1 to 10 km per day.

However, for Hiking and contributed to weight loss, it is important to know where, if and how much to walk.

Where to go pesicka slimming

A walk in the Park or in the normal movement from home to work or to shop, of course, burn a certain amount of energy. However, during this walk, you spend much less calories than, for example, Continue reading

How to choose an elliptical trainer for doma


An elliptical machine is called a relatively new invention that is a cross between an exercise bike and a treadmill. Thanks to the studies on this miracle of technology, you can train the major muscle groups, together with the strengthening of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. In our days such machines has gained wide demand, and now any fitness center has elliptical machines. However, the compact size of the device allows you to use it at home. So, the elliptical trainer how to choose ?

You will first need to determine the number of engaged people on it, after buying an elliptical trainer for the whole family will be quite different from shopping for themselves. The first option will require attention to a possible adjustment of stride length. Also every trainer has its own characteristics indicating the maximum allowable weight involved. Often, experts advise to choose an elliptical Continue reading

Female Thai Boxing

Metamorphosis of Thai Boxing

During its development, which goes back thousands of years, Muaythai has undergone many changes. The fight could only end in case of death of one of the contenders until 1929, when it was introduced a rule victory by points. Over time were excluded and blows to the head, strangulation, blows to the groin, the rule “lying is not beaten”. Round time limited to 3 minutes, the whole fight was 5 rounds. In addition, the fight is now calculated in hours instead of floating coconut, as it was previously (when the coconut was drowning, drum fighters notify about the end of the round). Plot of land for fights was substituted for the ring, and all the

fighters now are classified according to eight weight categories.

The most important change that has undergone a martial art – the participation of women. Traditionally, the Muaythai was forbidden to all women, and their presence in the ring was considered a bad omen. Thai Boxing for women remained banned for quite a long time, the first attempts Continue reading

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