How to choose a trainer for doma

How to choose a treadmill for home?

As it is impossible in the modern world to move a lot. Movement is reduced to the break between means of transport from home to place of work. and back. But for those who want to lose weight, always recommended to increase physical activity. Here and there the idea to organize yourself this same load in the home. Here and there in my head the idea of a home gym. Let’s try to choose wisely the simulator for the home.

What are the simulators for the home?

Assuming that the apartments and houses of the majority of people do not have a large area, the choice is narrowed down to a few options.


Is a simulation of normal walking on the stairs. And since the first recommendation losing weight is to stop using the Elevator, then this option can be considered as the primary. Well, actually, you’re not trying to go back and forth on his front porch? Moreover, there is not always clean, but almost always full of smoke. But the house you can walk as many steps as you want.

The simplest variant of the stepper Continue reading

The best brands of sports shoes

Every day people are wondering how to spend your day and what to bring the new into your life. Someone is trying to play sports, and someone finds other activities. In the modern world sport is developing rapidly, as a healthy lifestyle is catching on and within five years of sports industry is gaining its development in all countries of the world. Ukraine, Russian Federation and other countries of the former Soviet Union are no exception. Strong developed sports base was back in the old days, but because on the

territory of the CIS space – there was not much change, except the creation of new sports schools, or attracting coaches from all over the world to work in the country.

Sport, and the world requires improvement and development. In the past ten years, there is an active development in the field of sports equipment. Every day produced millions of athletic attributes that are in demand and popular among many athletes and people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Among this equipment is the special shoes, sports clothes and other Continue reading

About the benefits of physical activity

About the benefits of physical activity

Proven that to pregnancy and childbirth you need to prepare, and the preparation of the body on a physical level is one of the defining moments.

Why? The benefits may not too difficult, but daily physical activity is evident. They are great to help keep your body in shape, not allowing it to spread in the width, help the body to cope with the difficult work to move the blood in all blood vessels, strengthens the respiratory system,

in short — you name it. During pregnancy is redistributed and increases the load on all the organs and tissues. So, daily exercises as well as possible can help you to regulate the redistribution, but at the same time and test your endurance. Moreover, include in your sports diet Continue reading

Food before a race


♥ Yaroslav Melnyk: to run through the mountaineering ♥

If not for the fear of heights, Yaroslav Melnyk would never start to run, but in an attempt to overcome his phobia, unexpectedly discovered a new passion-running! Already 6 years Jaroslav runs and reaches new results…

SOF: Yaroslav Melnyk

Date of birth: 14.08.1983

Activity: Account Manager media group TV channel 24

Yaroslav, how long have You been running?

My running practice began with chestnut Run in 2007. So, for a long time. I tried, I liked it and thought I used to be able to run better … And this was the incentive to participate in the next Run. A year later I made and significantly improved its results.

And what prompted you to come on the first Run?

Probably liked the idea of charity, the combination of sporting Continue reading

Caffeine increases endurance

Caffeine increases endurance

To such conclusion came Weldon Johnson, the Creator of the popular website still in 1998. Johnson was indifferent to coffee, never used the drink regularly. He helped the case. Accidentally Weldon learned that caffeine stimulates the body, especially in running, other kinds of athletics. Before the next race Johnson drank the coffee shop a Cup of strong drink.

Caffeine increases endurance

The effect has surpassed all expectations: for the first time in the history of his training athlete overcame a ten mile distance in less than half an hour. The experimenter recalls that day: “Remember that the body was electrified, it was shaking. But from that moment, the positive changes have come into my life”.

For two or three weeks before the competition Weldon Johnson completely eliminate caffeine from the diet, refusing even carbonated beverages. In this simple way it provides the body with maximum stimulating effect. A Cup of strong coffee an hour before the event is part of his training. Johnson himself does not rule out a placebo effect, but important, Continue reading

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