Products for energy or what foods give you energy
Products for energy or what foods give you energy   You slept well all night, but in the second half of the day rolls on you irresistible drowsiness. Coffee and that doesn't help! But right…


Treadmill for doma
The most interesting Running is one of the famous sports activities to maintain a perfect body and great health. Some people like to go Jogging in the morning, many people prefer in the evening. It…


Treadmill for doma
The most interesting Running is one of the famous sports activities to maintain a perfect body and great health. Some people like to go Jogging in the morning, many people prefer in the evening. It…


Yoga for pregnant women the benefits and features

Yoga for pregnant women: benefits and features

Pregnancy is a unique ability of women, at which the update of all organs, as well as their interaction with the child. A healthy person feels good, if he keeps himself in shape, adhered to the diet, sleep and wakefulness. To correct energy consumed and was again resumed, the expectant mother has to decide how she should act.

In the womb of a significant portion of time the child develops under the

influence of the mother’s hormones. In the human body has hormones, which directly depend on the level of physical activity. For example, one such hormone is insulin. If the expectant mother lies all the time and eats, the child already has a predisposition to diabetes.

Due to the fact that vehicles are an integral part of modern life, moving activity drops drastically. To make up for normal physical activity is strongly recommended to perform some light exercises and regular walks in the fresh air.

In addition, Continue reading

Recovery from running

Recovery from running

In a previous article — «Jogging Recovery between training » we talked the factors influencing the Jogging recovery between training in how best to recover. Most of the articles about running a training, which include: mileage, hour/minute, heart rate, load and effort. Load that is running, is only one part of the training process and it is worth noting that the most easy part. The second part of the workout – recovery after running . This — the most complex composite of the training process, is a problem among beginning runners and professionals. Because exhausting himself in training, each capable of, but to recover

from running – it requires skill and knowledge.

The most important in recovery after a workout are the first few minutes or for “emergency recovery”. It was at this time laid the foundations for grading the body of the training load, as well as set the direction Continue reading

Physical exercise for scoliosis

Whether the benefit of physical exercise for scoliosis

Doctors specializing in the treatment of scoliosis – lateral curvature of the spine – have come to the conclusion that the disease is not a barrier to performing physical activities. However, with the necessary caveat that the types and amounts of data loads must correspond to the nature of spinal deformities and subjective physical capabilities of the patient.

So what stress can have a beneficial effect on the patient suffering from

scoliosis, and that is undesirable and even dangerous? The answer to this question depends on several factors, because scoliosis can affect the spine, curvature of the spine is simple and complex, and the degree of deformation is divided into four categories. Where it comes to “classic” forms of scoliosis, it is recommended Continue reading

The technique of sprinting, proper breathing and technique when running

The technique of sprinting

In sports the most common and popular is running at distances that exceed several kilometers. This race should enter into your daily regime, as it helps to improve physical well-being, health of the whole organism.

Planning a long run, it is best to start with small distances, and further increase the mileage. You can also by increasing the load, extend the distance using time. For example, if the newly-athlete runs one kilometer in 5 minutes, next time will need to run it for four minutes and thirty seconds.

In order to master running long distances, you must not only desire, but also rigorous training, the ability to correctly calculate the forces to defeat set mileage.

How to learn the correct technique of running

Whoever decided to go Jogging, have to understand that the load for the body, legs should be regular. The training you need to plan Continue reading

Ensure muscle deyatelnosti

Modes muscle workout

The regime of muscular activity depends on the intensity and duration of the functional activity of the muscles. At every muscular work increases the absorption of oxygen, and more intense than she, so requires more oxygen. However, even with the most intensive and deep breathing blood, in the first few seconds unable to provide adequate oxygen tension in muscle tissue. Causes an oxygen deficit, which is the greater, the higher the intensity, therefore increasing demand, a so-called oxygen debt. Therefore, at the initial stage in starting phase of ATP is compensated by processes not requiring the presence of oxygen in the environment: using

creatinkinase reactions and Gly Colosseum. Accordingly, the reduced content in muscle, creatine phosphate, glycogen, increases the concentration of lactate. If these processes fail to provide sufficient ATP resynthesis then the level in the cell is reduced. Anaerobic muscle workout regime If the intensity of the muscle work maximum, Continue reading