Yoga for pregnant women the benefits and features
Yoga for pregnant women: benefits and features Pregnancy is a unique ability of women, at which the update of all organs, as well as their interaction with the child. A healthy person feels good, if…


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Yoga for pregnant women the benefits and features

Yoga for pregnant women: benefits and features

Pregnancy is a unique ability of women, at which the update of all organs, as well as their interaction with the child. A healthy person feels good, if he keeps himself in shape, adhered to the diet, sleep and wakefulness. To correct energy consumed and was again resumed, the expectant mother has to decide how she should act.

In the womb of a significant portion of time the child develops under the

influence of the mother’s hormones. In the human body has hormones, which directly depend on the level of physical activity. For example, one such hormone is insulin. If the expectant mother lies all the time and eats, the child already has a predisposition to diabetes.

Due to the fact that vehicles are an integral part of modern life, moving activity drops drastically. To make up for normal physical activity is strongly recommended to perform some light exercises and regular walks in the fresh air.

In addition, during pregnancy lightning changes the level of hormones, hence the emotional mood swings. In this respect, yoga for pregnant women is very helpful and beneficial for the overall condition and hormones.

There is such a thing as prenatal yoga, surrounding the whole birth process, from conception to postpartum recovery. In the modern world the big problem is infertility associated with an imbalance of sex hormones. Traditional gynecology trying to correct hormonal balance with the use of hormones. Yoga in this case acts indirectly and indirectly. Systems of the body that produce hormones, depend on the physical condition. Different types of loads cause different hormonal response.

There are sets of exercises that contribute to the conception and maintenance of pregnancy. Usually during fertilization, eye-catching a sufficient amount of the hormone progesterone, keeps the fertilized egg in the uterus. In the case of a deficiency of the hormone the embryo, the endometrium sloughs and a miscarriage occurs. This is due to excessive body weight, which should not exceed 30%. If you do not correct a deficiency of progesterone, the blocking of the normal maturation of the follicle. Official medical statistics suggests that physical activity plus low-glycemic diet in most cases, allows without any medication get pregnant in 3-6 months.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, when the fetus is small, significant changes in pressure in the abdominal cavity is not affected. Accordingly, it is important and necessary to strengthen the abdominal muscles, i.e. the anterior abdominal wall, and muscles of the lower back. If this is not done, there is a risk of divergence of the rectus abdominals.

Second trimester gradually increasing the load on the lower back, the muscles of which it is also necessary to train. If in advance not to strengthen, the entire third trimester will be constant bending at the waist, which will lead to increased tilt of the sacrum. As a result, after birth three to four months in women is observed inflammation of the sacrum.

Yoga for pregnant women can enjoy up to 38 weeks. During the entire period of the exercise are adjusted. The amount of time spent on daily activities, there must be at least 20 minutes. The most common and basic postures: lying on his stomach, on all fours.

Yoga classes are an example breathing techniques during labor. Correct inhaling and exhaling contribute to the rapid entrance of oxygen to tissues and organs. Then produces the hormone endorphin that reduces pain. Such skills can minimize the pain of childbirth, and to provide the baby with oxygen.

Any pregnant woman wants prosperity in the delivery. Therefore, it is necessary to ask for and to choose all necessary for the safety of the child. Better to do it in favor of yoga for pregnant women and be under the supervision of an experienced teacher.

During yoga the blood in the body temporarily flows from the stomach area. This phenomenon helps the child to cope with the upcoming birth. Due to the fact that the mother and child are interrelated, blood in the belly of a woman, which means that the uterus is less pressure on the fetus and internal organs. As a consequence, the heartbeat slows down. After finishing the exercise, the reverse occurs, the baby’s heart begins to beat harder and bounces back. Simultaneously, blood flows to the uterus. Such exercises develop the vital functions of the baby, with which he will be able to adapt more quickly to environmental conditions and to postpone childbirth. These children show greater attention to anything, less scared, you better calm down. In the end, we conclude that yoga is useful not only for the mother but for the child.

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