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Recovery from running

Recovery from running

In a previous article — «Jogging Recovery between training » we talked the factors influencing the Jogging recovery between training in how best to recover. Most of the articles about running a training, which include: mileage, hour/minute, heart rate, load and effort. Load that is running, is only one part of the training process and it is worth noting that the most easy part. The second part of the workout – recovery after running . This — the most complex composite of the training process, is a problem among beginning runners and professionals. Because exhausting himself in training, each capable of, but to recover

from running – it requires skill and knowledge.

The most important in recovery after a workout are the first few minutes or for “emergency recovery”. It was at this time laid the foundations for grading the body of the training load, as well as set the direction of physiological processes that can lead to positive or negative changes in the body.

Note for the Amateur runners, treadmill exercise duration more than 30 minutes is complete, and moreover, it is highly difficult for the body. Therefore you should not consider it as a warm up before strength training or other exercise.

So, coming from a run, regardless of its duration, it is worth to spend a few minutes stretching the muscles of the neck, arms, back, legs, special attention should be paid to the calf muscles.

Before or after stretching (feeling) you must fill fluid loss, i.e., quench your thirst! Among the runners are of the opinion that drinking right after running not worth it – as it has on the liver. This misconception! To drink it is necessary – lack of water in the body will not effectively recover!

Wrestlers who are overweight also tend not to drink after a workout. It should be noted that in this way it is possible to achieve only short-term effect, the body can take its toll! Only long-term effective training program can lead to steady weight loss.

What better way to quench your thirst? Ideal – a good mineral water, which can be sweetened with jam or honey! To various sports drinks should be treated with caution, as they are designed for loads of high intensity and can cause unexpected reactions. Therefore, from a quarter to a liter of water, it depends on the duration of exercise, its intensity and the level of sweating, it is recommended to drink immediately. (The more abundant perspiration, the greater the required fluid for recovery).

A small digression about the sweating. Contrary to the claims of ads about the need to use deodorant, “excessive sweating” which they are called to fight, is not a crime, but rather an advantage to the runner. The higher the level of sweating, the higher the results in the race you are capable of achieving.

Sweating is the body’s natural ability to chilling. For example, runners at the marathon watered the head and neck with water from the bottle, at a time when it becomes quite hard. At this point, the runners attempt to cool the body, because their supplies of liquid is not enough. If the runner’s body overheats, start countless negative health consequences. So, if the runner has the ability to sweat a lot, we can assume that he was lucky.

After showering, you can add a little more liquid in the body. To this end, it is recommended to opt for a green tea. A full set of trace elements and weak, but effective dose of caffeine. Need to support the work of the heart, to the processes of recovery, after training, were effective.

After training the cardiovascular system (CVS) tends to slow down their work, whereas it should still work. You want the blood for some time vigorously “ran” in the body to be washed out of the muscle breakdown products resulting from heavy workouts and deliver mineral and building materials for cells. Many athletes have a habit to quench the thirst of Coca-Cola, which is not recommended, because tea with honey is much healthier and tastier!

Briefly about the replenishment of fluid in the body beer. There is a perception that beer is a good conditioner after training loads. It makes no sense to dwell on the countless harmful effects of the use of this product, they are so well-known. After running the liver and the heart are subjected to heavy strain, and the beer is any alcoholic beverage that hits on these vulnerable organs. So not to aggravate their condition – this beer polluting the body product!

Now for the food. Carbohydrates are 80% of what the runner immediately after training. Portion of spaghetti with cheese, rice with fish and salad or seafood, buckwheat is fill the necessary amount of carbohydrates. It is necessary to postpone favorite dumplings or soup for the next meal.

Now, providing your body stocks to recover, you must give him the opportunity to “come to”. How would cheerfully did not feel the runner, after aerobic Jogging should let yourself rest at least 15 minutes! The best option would be for 30 minutes to lie down on the sofa, lifting his legs on the body level. You must eliminate the congestion in the legs, because in the capillaries of the feet has accumulated a lot of blood during the run.

Even for djulgerov half an hour of rest is important for achieving progress in training. “Stepped” immediately after the run to work or business, and using the received charge of vivacity for the transfer of furniture in the apartment or the digging of the beds in the cottage, you risk at least to erase the developmental impact of training. If the body is not trained or poorly trained can cause deterioration of health: from migraines to hypertensive crisis. And, unfortunately, this is not a theory but a life.

As for trained runners, trivial dependence – the higher the load, the more time is required on bed rest.

Motion is life, it is a fact. However, to move faster and longer, you need to recover. Fortunately, we are not machines and can’t wait for the parts required. But we can effectively improve your strength training!

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