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The technique of sprinting, proper breathing and technique when running

The technique of sprinting

In sports the most common and popular is running at distances that exceed several kilometers. This race should enter into your daily regime, as it helps to improve physical well-being, health of the whole organism.

Planning a long run, it is best to start with small distances, and further increase the mileage. You can also by increasing the load, extend the distance using time. For example, if the newly-athlete runs one kilometer in 5 minutes, next time will need to run it for four minutes and thirty seconds.

In order to master running long distances, you must not only desire, but also rigorous training, the ability to correctly calculate the forces to defeat set mileage.

How to learn the correct technique of running

Whoever decided to go Jogging, have to understand that the load for the body, legs should be regular. The training you need to plan in advance and visit every time, not missing. Running technique should be performed competently.

In the first place . feet should be properly set and stop when it starts gradually, gently, and lands on the surface. First, put the front part of the foot and the outer part, and then the other compound. If you do Vice versa, the effectiveness of the load on the foot is significantly reduced.

The proper technique of running in humans lasts longer that speed, tempo. Leg, which repel each other during the race, must be straight, head is not tilted and rotated in different directions, look forward.

Secondly . running long distances also includes active assistance of the hands. This is especially important if the distance is quite long (for example, marathon distance ).

Many say that the elbow of the arm should be bent at a slight angle, but when the arm is bent at ninety degrees, the running speed may be greater, as the angle of the outer side of the arm, slicing through the air, allows the body to move in space faster. The torso is not provided.

How to learn how to breathe while running long distances

The ability to adhere to all instilled statement of the body, arms and legs in running for long distance – this is absolutely not everything that can affect the quality of overcoming the way. It is important to remember about proper breathing while running, otherwise the person for a long time is not enough, even with excellent rates of speed and shutter speed.

The runner’s breathing should be rhythmically regulated under feet, the steps. Smooth breathing – ensuring that the person makes it to the finish line. Inhalation and exhalation should be deep and slow, resulting in great strain on the body, respectively, and frequent.

This technique facilitates the supply of oxygen to all cells of the body. Combining abdominal breathing with ordinary people and improves blood circulation, which supports the runner in good shape until the end of the sprint.

It is important to develop endurance

You must train, train and more time to train. Only persistence and perseverance can help in achieving good results, and a pledge of endurance and strength athlete. It is recommended to maintain the body in good shape and a variety of strength exercises that promote growth and continuous tone of all muscles of the body.

It is physical fitness and nellany the spirit of victory accompany these runners throughout life.